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Quality management

From May 2007 until April 2015 the Diagnostic Laboratory was accreditated acording to DIN EN ISO 17025 as a veterinary test laboratory in the area of virology. From May 2007 until May 2012 the accreditation included DIN EN ISO 15189 for testing of antibodies against rabies vius and borna disease virus in humans. Since April 2015 the tests are perfomed by the Viro Vet Diagnostik (ltd)

Viro Vet Diagnostik (ltd) is accredited acording to Din EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (s. supplement to the accreditation certificate)

The Viro Vet Diagnostik (ltd) Company has a quality assurance (QA) system in place to ensure the reliability of our diagnostic test. All tests are performed according to standard operating procedures. Tests are validated and all relevant parameters constantly recorded and evaluated. Taking part in external quality assurance measures like proficiency tests is another key aspect of our quality policy. The objectives of our QA system are:

  • ensurance of customer satisfaction
  • compliance with the requirements of standards and legal requirements
  • transparency
  • identification and removal of weak points
  • using rationalisation opportunities

We strive to improve our service portfolio in accordance to the requirements of our customers. New developments like emerging or re-emerging pathogens are taken into account.

We are aware of the potential far-reaching consequences of our test results and have obligated ourselves to the principles of our quality policy, to compliance with the ISO 17025 standard, good practice and constant improvement.

Processing of complaints is an essential aspect of our communication with our customers and the improvement of our work. If you have complaints please do not hesitate to contact us under +49 641 99 38363 Mo to Fr from 9:00 to 16:30. Your complaints will be processed quickly and properly.


In addition to technical expertise and experience, the implementation of our services is based on trust, especially towards our customers. Ensuring the impartiality of VIRO VET DIAGNOSTIK is therefore of particular importance.

The management of VIRO VET DIAGNOSTIK and all employees are committed to impartiality in all decisions and evaluations.

Through transparency and inclusion of all parties involved (customers, VIRO VET DIAGNOSTIK employees and other parties), conflicts of interest are identified, analyzed and documented if necessary. In addition, measures to minimize risks with regard to the threat to impartiality are derived and implemented. In particular, internal and external factors are considered that jeopardize impartiality, e.g. personal or economic risks.