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The GGK's sections serve as forums where young scholars – doctoral researchers, post-docs, and other students at an advanced level of study – can present their research projects and collaborate on fundamental, interdisciplinary questions.

Members can, for example, make use of the administrative and financial support of the GGK to arrange for guest speakers and conferences on salient topics, or to prepare research done in sections for publication.

New members are of course welcome to join at any time, or to visit a meeting as a guest – simply get in touch with the section's contact person via email.


Overview of the current GGK Sections

Literary and Cultural Theory
Gender studies, postcolonial studies, intersectionality theories

Historical Theory and Methods of Source Analysis
Cultural history and the cultural studies

Early Childhood Education, Development, and Socialization
Fields of developmental studies, sociology, psychology, political science, and teaching methodology

Foreign-Language Teaching/Learning with Digital Distribution and Communication Media
Social and affective implications of foreign-language learning with digital distribution and communication media

Fantastic Worlds
Innovative and new-medial forms of fantastic literature

Holocaust & Remembrance
Forms, spaces, and discourses of Holocaust memorialization