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Values in Literature and the Media and their Cultural Function

Semester: SS 08
Zeit und Ort:
  • Do, 05.06.2008, 14:15-18:00, Raum 001/Room 001 (Phil. I, GCSC Gebäude/Phil. I, GCSC Building)
  • Fr, 06.06.2008, 09:30-17:15, Raum 001/Room 001 (Phil. I, GCSC Gebäude/Phil. I, GCSC Building)


Erste Veranstaltung: 05.06.2008
  • Anmeldung
Hinweise: The more poststructuralist epistemology has made clear that our common ‘truths’ are − to a previously unforeseen extent − culturally constructed, the more the necessity of values that provide individual and communal orientation has become felt. At the same time the weight of traditional values has become more contended and has diminished peoples’ readiness to be directly preached to. 

What has become more important, therefore, is the indirect promotion of values by supplying moral models and presenting practical examples of human behaviour. This is a field in which literature and the media seem to be particularly efficient due to their wide range of possibilities and because readers, listeners or viewers are less involved and more open to exterior influences than agents in the outer world whose practical interest is at stake. 

Conference Programme 

Thursday, 05 June 2008
  • 14.15 Welcome
  • 14.30 Prof Lothar Bredella
    The Significance of Empathy, Sympathy, and Pity for the Ethical Dimension of the Aesthetic Experience
  • 15.15 Dr Sonja Altnöder & Dr Martin Zierold
    Media Scandals’ Sweet Seduction: How Media Scandals Simultaneously Shake and Stabilize Society’s Values
  • 16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
  • 16.30 Dr Sibylle Baumbach
    Speak, Dead, Speak! Lessons from Hades on Values, Virtues, and Vices
  • 17.15 Martina Mittag
    Power and Poison: The Secret Subversion of Values in Elizabethan England

Friday, 06 June 2008
  • 9.30 Dr. Birgit Neumann
    ‘Rule Britannia’ – Imperial Values in 18th-century Poetry
  • 10.15 Katarzyna Kuczma
    Memory as Obligation – Ethical and Aesthetic Values in Paul Auster’s The Invention of SolitudeLeviathan, and The Book of Illusions
  • 11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
  • 11.30 Dr Regina Rudaityté
    In Search of the Ultimate Value: Ian McEwan’s Novel Enduring Love
  • 12.15 – 14.30 Lunch Break
  • 14.30 Uwe Mayer
    The Economic Values of Literature: Harry Potter and the Magic of Consumerism
  • 15.15 Kirsten Pohl
    Just a Game? Simulating Moral Issues in Computer Games
  • 16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
  • 16.30 Philipp Wolf
    Can Literature help to substantiate ‘Intrinsic Values’? ‘Dignity’, ‘Respect’, ‘Autonomy’ and ‘Recognition’ in Modern and Post-modern Narrative