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Space, Affect, Memory: Performances and Representations

When Jun 24, 2021 09:00 to
Jun 25, 2021 05:00
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Hermes Consortium for Literary & Cultural Studies

Research Group – Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, PhD Programme in Literary and Cultural Studies. University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Organising Committee: Fernando Cabo Aseguinolaza, César P. Domínguez Prieto, Tomás Espino Barrera

“Space, Affect, Memory: Performances and Representations”

Virtual Seminar

24‐25 June 2021

In order to attend one or more events of the Summer School, a registration is required via the following address:

The information required is a) name, 2) position and affiliation. It will be helpful if REGISTRATION is mentioned in the mail's subject line.

A link will be sent to you some days before the seminar.


JUNE 24th

Welcome (9:15): Fernando Cabo Aseguinolaza

Keynote lecture 1 (9:30h)
Ben Anderson (Durham University)
: “Capitalism and Affective Change: A Geohistory of Boredom”. Introduction by Fernando Cabo Aseguinolaza.

Panel 1 (11:30h‐13h) 

Chair: Jennifer Rushworth.

Tim Gupwell (Montpellier) “Space, affect, Memory: D. H. Lawrence's Mornings in Mexico (1927)”. Kateřina Kovářová (Prague): “The Landscape of Memory: Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West”.
Anne‐Sophie Bogetoft Mortensen (Roskilde): “Writing and Reclaiming the Shore in Anglocreole Caribbean Literature”.

Panel 2 (14:30h‐16h)
Chair: Catarina Nunes de Almeida.

Flavio Paredes Cruz (Montpellier)“Nostalgia for the defeated: images of preColumbian America in FrenchBelgian comics”.
Richard Vargas (Giessen)“The Representation of Spaces of Conflict in Contemporary Graphic Novels. Casestudy of La PalizúaSin Mascar Palabra, and Caminos Condenados”.

Joanne Britland (OSL)“Comedic Performance: Cinematic Responses to the 2008 Social and Financial Crisis in Spain”.

Panel 3 (16:30h‐18h) 

Chair: Christine Reynier.

Sarah Moxham (UCL)“Excavating the Sky, Ulassai 1981: Community Remapping through Poetic‐ Performative Pedagogy”.
Jonas Prinzleve (Lisbon): “The Coloniality of Urban Narrative Space: City Branding, Cultural Memory and ‘Affective MisInterpellation’ in Lisbon and Hamburg”.

Angela Princiotto (USC)“Performing Space, Affect and Memory in the diaspora”.

Keynote Lecture 2 (18:30h)
Helena Míguélez
‐Carballeira (Bangor University): “Galicia on Netflix: rural spaces and queer temporalities”. Introduction by César Domínguez.

JUNE 25th

Panel 4 (10h‐11:30h)

Chair: Florian Mussgnug.

Asmaa Hassaneen (Aarhus)“Homeland, One Journey, Two Paths. Space and Affect in the Travelling Memory of Palestine in Two Sagas”.
Miriam Miscoli (Siena)“The vanished motherland. Mnestic topographies in the poetry of Paul Celan”. Katia Marcellin (Montpellier): “Wandering Traumatised Spaces: Performing Spatial and Temporal Vulnerabilities in Jon McGregor’s Even the Dogs”.

Panel 5 (12h‐13:30h)
Chair: Karen‐Margrethe Simonsen.

Rebecca Marie Murray (Prague)“Gambling, Capital and SelfRegulation: AdventureMaking as Risk‐ Taking in Godwin’s St. Leon (1799)”.
Laura Camino (USC)“Affectivity in History: An Exploration through Medieval Texts”.
Eva Zimmermann (Giessen)“The Influence of Affect on the Positioning of Dramaturgical Work within Discursive Spaces”.

Panel 6 (15h‐16:30h)

Chair: Pablo Valdivia.

Ana Romão Alves (Lisbon)“Performing Warfare from Afar: The Gendered Implications of Spatial Displacement in Good Kill (2014) and Eye in the Sky (2015)”.
Eric Wistrom (WisconsinMadison)“Affect and the Limits of Cultural Performativity in Y.B.’s Allah superstar”.

Lyu Guangzhao (UCL)“The Heterotopic Enclaves and Capitalist Monster in China Miéville’s ‘New Weird’ Story ‘Perdido Street Station’”.

Keynote Lecture 3 (17h)
Germán Labrador (Princeton University)
: “Colombuscopies. Migrant geographies of the Hispanic Atlantic and national memory sites, from 1898 to 2020”. Introduction by Tomás Espino.