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READING RETREAT “Spatializing Security and Terror”

When Dec 13, 2016
from 01:00 to 05:00
Where Phil I, Building B, R.029
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**This event is part 1 of the series “Spatializing Security and Terror” in cooperation with the SFB “Dynamics of Security”**

Part 2 of the event series: Roundtable discussion on December 14, 2016 (1-3pm) with Prof. Bernd Belina (Frankfurt), Prof. Stuart Elden (Warwick), Prof. Peter Haslinger (Marburg), Moderation: Prof. Andreas Langenohl (Gießen)

Part 3 of the event series: Masterclass with J. Völz, January 31, 2017 (10am-2pm)


In preparation for the roundtable discussion with Prof. Stuart Elden and other invited guests on December 14, and the master class with PD Dr. Johannes Völz on January 13, the Research Area 7 “Globalization and Politics of Space” is organizing this reading retreat at the GCSC.

Together, we will read and discuss relevant literature for the two upcoming events, e.g. on the nexus of Terror/Terrorism – Security/Securitization – Space and, hence, lay the groundwork for a fruitful discussion with invited experts during the roundtable discussion the next day.


The aim of the reading retreat is twofold: a) develop a catalogue of questions that may be put up for discussion with the invited experts during the roundtable, b) to explore if and how some of the Research Area’s future work could revolve around the topics of security and terror from a spatial and cultural theoretical perspective.


If you have texts beyond the ones listed below that you would like to discuss during the reading retreat, please feel free to contact the speakers of the RA7, Amina Nolte and Melanie Hartmann, to have them added to the reading list.


Preliminary List of Readings (monographies and edited volumes in parts, chapters to be announced):

-Asad, Talal (2007): On Suicide Bombing. New York: Columbia University Press.

- Baudrillard, Jean (2001): The Spirit of Terrorism (

- Belina, Bernd/Miggelbring, Judith (2012): Risk as a Technology of Power: Frontex as an Wxample of the De-Politicisation of EU Migration Regimes; in: Müller-Mahn, Detlef: The Spatial Dimension of Risk: How Geography Shapes the Emergence of Riskscapes. New York: Routledge.  

-Elden, Stuart (2009): Terror and Territory. The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

-Stapmnitzky, Lisa (2014): Disciplining Terror. How Experts Invented “Terrorism”. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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