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Career Service

Even if, at times, it seems unfathomable, there will come a point when you've handed in your work, completed your disputation ... and then what? Those who've completed their doctoral degree after years of diligent effort often undergo a period of personal upheaval and professional (re-)orientation. That's where Career Services comes in, to give you the tools you'll need – early on – to prepare for entering the workforce.

We recommend that PhD students begin to purposefully navigate this transition and earn the necessary qualifications before completing their studies; doing so will increase your chances of success in the job market, whether you're planning on an academic career or have already decided to follow a career path outside the bounds of research and teaching. Particularly for those who intend to remain in academia, it's essential to reflect on your role within the university system and improve your odds of clinching it with the assistance of coaching and strategic planning.

Your Career Planning

We work in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and other partners to conceive and implement new strategies that give doctoral students an optimal foundation for entering a profession:

  • Get to know Career Service's current offerings at the Graduate Centre and at JLU!
  • In addition to our regular offerings, every summer we organize the annual Career Expo for doctoral students. This is the place to hear specialists and experts speak on career opportunities for PhD students in the humanities and social sciences, and to hear alumnae/i's personal experiences of entering the workplace.

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If you're a former student of JLU Giessen who would like to contribute insights from your own career experiences, or if you're a human-resources employee interested in our institution, we'd love to hear from you by email or phone.

, and of course success stories are all vital as we conceptualize and develop our offerings.