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Regulations for Faculty 03

Each interdisciplinary project has to position itself according to given regulations. Please note especially the GCSC guidelines for good academic practice and the regulations of the departments you are enrolled in.
  • Check §9 (undergraduate degree equivalent to German Hochschulabschluss) or §10 (undergraduate degree from a university of applied sciences equivalent to German Fachhochschulabschluss) of the Postgraduate Handbook (Promotionsordnung Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften / English Translation) to see whether you fulfil all the requirements for admission as a PhD student. If the degree(s) you obtained outside Germany are not judged as equivalent to a German academic qualification, please contact us for help.
  • In order to begin your doctoral studies, you need to find a professor from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies at JLU who represents your subject area and who is willing to become your official supervisor (you will need to present proof of this upon enrolment). The GCSC offers its members help in finding a supervisor.
  • Discuss the topic of your PhD as well as the terms of supervision with your supervisor. GCSC members are required to sign a supervision agreement along with their supervisor.
  • Present your Application for Admission as a PhD Student (Antrag auf die Annahme als Doktorand/in) to the Postgraduate Committee. Admission requirements are to be found under §11 of the Postgraduate Handbook. The relevant form as well as the current dates of the Postgraduate Committee’s meetings can be obtained from the Postgraduate Committee’s Office (Promotionsausschuss), Ms Ute Schneider, Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 E, 35394 Giessen, tel: 0641-99-23001, email: .

    As a rule, the Postgraduate Committee’s meetings take place at the beginning and the end of each semester.
  • Enrolment as a graduate student at JLU is not compulsory. (Enrolment refers to the official acceptance of a place at JLU.) GCSC members, however, have to enrol as graduate students at JLU for the time of the membership (see also statutes §2.1.5).

    Provisional admission: Provisional admission to the JLU may be granted to applicants who have handed in their complete request for admission as a PhD student, but have not yet been granted the status of PhD students by the Postgraduate Committee. In this case a confirmation that a complete request has been submitted to the Postgraduate Committee should be handed in at the Student Office.
  • There are no tuition fees for doctoral students at JLU, except for an enrolment fee of approximately € 270 per semester. Enrolled graduate students enjoy certain advantages and privileges, such as the Semester Ticket (giving you free passage on public transport in most parts of Hesse) and concessions at certain cultural events.
  • GGK members may participate in the GGK study programme. GCSC members are required to attend the compulsory modules of the GCSC Curriculum.
  • As required by the regulations, all PhD students will submit a progress report to the Postgraduate Committee once a year (See §13 of the Postgraduate Handbook), discussed with and signed by their dissertation supervisor. The first report is due 12 months after your admission as a PhD student.
  • Since you need a second professor to evaluate your dissertation, you should choose this second supervisor as early as possible. Thus, you will have two advisors who can provide you with expert counselling before you submit your dissertation. The second supervisor may be external to JLU.
  • To initiate the examination of your PhD you must submit a written request to open the examination, along with 6 copies of your thesis, to the head of the Postgraduate Committee. You may also suggest four examiners to make up the Examination Committee (For more information on the composition of the Examination Committee, please see §4 of the Postgraduate Handbook). §17 provides an overview of the documents that must accompany your request.
  • After the thesis has been examined by at least two evaluators (cf. §17 and 18 of the Postgraduate Handbook for further information), the dissertation and the examiners’ reports will be on display in the Dean’s offices (for four weeks if the university is in session, or two months during the breaks). The head of the Postgraduate Committee notifies the members of the Postgraduate Committee, the members of the Examination Committee, the institutes concerned and further supervisors and evaluators of your name, the title of your dissertation, the supervisors’ proposed grades and where and when the thesis is on display.
  • After the display, you will receive copies of the examiners’ reports in order to prepare to defend your thesis.
  • Present your request to set a date for the defence of your thesis to the head of the Postgraduate Committee within half a year of receiving the examiners’ reports on your thesis.
  • Arrange a room for the defence of your dissertation with Ms Schneider (For contact details see No. 5 above). GCSC graduate students may for example use the graduate room of the GGK/ GCSC.
  • You will have the option of attending a preparatory course for the dissertation defence.
  • The head of the Postgraduate Committee will then invite you and the members of the Examination Committee to defend your thesis. The date and location of the defence are announced officially within the university one week prior to the event.
  • Defence of the thesis (See § 21 of the Postgraduate Handbook for further details).
  • The graduation procedure is only complete when the thesis has been published. The publication has to be effected within one year (See § 23 of the Postgraduate Handbook). Six copies have to be handed in directly to Ms Schneider in Faculty 03. A  request for extension (either a half or one year)  is possible and should be filed in good time.
  • On publication of the thesis, you will be awarded your Graduation Certificate and conferred the academic degree of a Dr rer. soc or Dr phil. The German preliminary title Dr des. is not conferred at JLU.