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Equal Opportunities

We want scholars and staff to enjoy and participate in a productive and engaging atmosphere built on diversity and equality. It is, therefore, our concern to offer ample opportunities that involve all members regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, class, or gender. We cooperate closely with the centre’s Equal Opportunities Committee and the women’s representative as well as with the programme “Combining Carreer & Family”.

With respect to equity, the centre fosters balanced representation on all levels:
The Equal OpportunitiesCommittee acts as the institutionalized body for gender parity and fosters the inclusion and support of underrepresented groups.

  • The centre ensures gender parity and follows anti-discrimination policies during all recruiting and selection processes on PhD- and post-doc levels, including the awarding of scholarships.
  • The GCSC helps to combine family and graduate studies by offering financial support for scholarship holders and by actively cooperating with the university’s family programme.
  • Involvement of individual projects concerned with gender and difference studies: The centre provides expert supervision in various colloquia, stimulating open debate, and de-hierarchised exchange.
  • We promote gender- and diversity-related events and cooperative workshops on gender and equity competencies with respect to research, teaching, and career opportunities.
  • We maintain active cooperation and communication with the university’s women’s representative council. The centre has its own women’s representative. Currently, this function is held by Ann van de Veire (

With this profile as the basis for the centre’s commitment to diversity and equality, further perspectives on development will be realized. We aim to

  • increase the number of female representatives in the centre’s decision-making bodies;
  • intensify gender- and diversity-related research in the centre’s research activities;
  • link the centre’s research interests to the university’s teaching activities (workshops, lecture series) and provide students with latest insights and critical expertise;
  • further encourage and develop equity debates in intercultural contexts.

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