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Non-Academic Partners

Graduates have essentially two options after completing their dissertations. They either decide on a career in academia or one outside the university. Both possibilities require timely planning and decision making.
The doctoral researchers of the European PhDnet are made aware of possible career options early on in order to increase their chances for success. In addition, they have opportunities to undertake international internships with our non-academic partners, thereby gaining insight into a variety of career fields. To this end, a number of institutions in Germany and the other participating countries have agreed to take on our doctoral researchers as interns. At the same time, they have agreed to provide the PhDnet with professional training and information. At present, the institutions mentioned below are working in cooperation with the European PhDnet. Beyond these opportunities for completing internships, the PhDnet coordinator can be of further assistance in locating internships at other institutions. By means of its career service, the GGK has made numerous contacts over the years with both academic and non-academic institutions, from which doctoral researchers in our proposed network are certain to benefit.

Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt/Main

The Museum for Communication in Frankfurt (on the Schaumainkai) offers visitors a comprehensive understanding of the history of communication. The museum’s collections are particularly important for media researchers and can provide significant material for individual dissertation projects. Internships are possible in the fields of museum organization and collections as well as in public relations. In addition, the museum’s staff is prepared to offer additional training in these fields.

Marketingagentur Q in Wiesbaden

The “Marketing Agency Q” in Wiesbaden is a nationally and internationally acclaimed company. It advises both commercial and non-commercial clients in the areas of corporate design, print and internet communication (particularly through its cultural affairs section). Q offers internships in the areas of customer communication and design. And the firm offers general training for doctoral researchers in the fields of marketing and business administration.

Orto e museo botanico in Bergamo

The Botanical Garden and Museum of Bergamo exhibits a wide range of botanical varieties from all over the world. Internships for PhDnet members are particularly available in the fields of marketing and public relations as well as in museum organization and culture. The Botanical Garden’s opportunities demonstrate that humanities doctorates do not only have career possibilities in the (rather narrow) arts sector.

Museu Nacional do Teatro de Lisboa

The National Theatre Museum in Lisbon has exhibits that present theatre history over the last five-hundred years. It also offers its very own theatre festival. Internships at the museum are available in international marketing and tourism management and in museum and theater administration. The staff of the museum has agreed to offer additional professional development in the field.

Finnish Literature Society in Helsinki

The archives of the Finnish Literature Society offer a wealth of material for research in the field of Finnish language and literature. Internships are available in the organization of archives and libraries as well as in knowledge management. At the same time, the society permits doctoral researchers conducting research on Northern European literature easy access to its holdings.

Kungliga Biblioteket in Stockholm

The Royal National Library in Stockholm is Sweden’s largest library. It provides members of the PhDnet with an overview of its research collections as well as access to its holdings. Internships are available in the fields of library organization and exhibition management. Its staff will also offer practical training sessions for library professionals.