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IPP Cohorts

  • Absalon, Beate
    Performing Sexual Consent. Ästhetiken der Einvernehmlichkeit
  • El Maarouf, Farouk
    The aesthetics of the margin: Vernacular art communities, curious dealers, unorthodox art consumers, and alternative visualities in Morocco
  • Kalte, Isabella
    Representing the Unruly Woman: Legacies of Colonialism in U.S. and Caribbean Feminist Social Media Movements
  • Louw, Louise
    Representing Traumatic Experiences in Japanese American Internment Narratives
  • Probst, Robin
    Mensch - Maschinen - Masken
  • Quast, Fiona
    Mapping the African Diaspora(s) and Its Media in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Sadowska, Aleksandra
    Literary Responses to Trauma in Contemporary Irish Fiction
  • Suresh, Gouri
    "In this House of Glass, Satan watches us Dance”: Contemporary Permutations of the Panopticon in Young Adult Fiction
  • Belsoff, Fabricio
    Forms and functions of agonism in the ecological aesthetics of three performance artworks
  • Brigard, Juan Camilo
    A Narratological Critique of Colombian (Non)Violence
  • Christoffel, Jana
    In Pursuit of Happiness? Explorations of Culture-specific Models of a Good Life in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction
  • Goodrich, Candace
    The seed, the source, the forest, and the road. Intersectional ecosemiotic models as analytical tools in contemporary ecofiction and ecoart of the Global South and North
  • Jung, Sebastian
  • Rezaei, Somaye
    The Laughing Chorus: Anti-racist Humor in Contemporary American Late-night Shows
  • Sachenko, Vira
    Figurations of the transnational in Ukrainian feminist scholarship
  • Schmieder, Robin
    How Vlogs Tell Stories – Toward a Narratology and Poetics of an Emergent Media Genre
  • Tarku, Iryna
    Trauma und Resilienz in der Donbas-Kriegsprosa
  • Vodjgani, Zahra
    Auto-fiction and resilience, in Iranian francophone writings
  • Eick, Anna-Lena
    „Geschichte zerfällt in Bilder, nicht in Geschichten.“ Formen und Funktionen visueller Darstellungsverfahren in der literarischen Geschichtsschreibung
  • Helbich, Lukas
    Zirkulierende Isolationen. Eine Wissensgeschichte zwischen Inseln und Ökonomik
  • Hommes, Maaike
    Nervous Routes: Tracing Explicability Between Medical Knowledge and Bodily Experience
  • Seukdeu Peumadji, Herman Steve
    Diskurs über Kriminalität: Zur frankophonen Migrationsliteratur vom Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts bis zum Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts
  • Tabouratzidis, Anna
    Narrating Future Scenarios - Exploring Present Concerns: Speculative Fictions as Laboratories of Cultural Self-Reflection
  • Toman, Lucia
    New Variations of Narrative Unreliability in Contemporary Literary Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Vargas López, Richard Damian
    Forms and Functions of Contemporary Graphic Novels to Represent and Memorialize Colombian Armed Conflict
  • Verri, Clara
    Representations/reflections of dissatisfied, male forms of 21st-Century life in the novels of Karl Ove Knausgård and Michel Houellebecq
  • Boldina, Victoria
    Die Rezeption der Werke von Nikolaj Gogol’ in deutschsprachigen Ländern
  • Borchert, Laura
    Beyond Obergefell: A Law and Culture Approach to the Potential Bond Between Sexual Orientation and Suspect Classification
  • Dieter, Judith
    Emotionen und literarische Strategien der Emotionalisierung in Predigten der Aufklärungstheologie
  • Friedrichsen, Dennis
    Building Worlds, Creating Atmospheres: Worldbuilding, Affect, and the Properties of Speculative Fiction
  • Graf, Manuela
    Cultural Routes and Heritage Brands
  • Guni, Oriol
    Imagining Albanians: Negotiations of Identity and Modernity in European Travel Writing of XX-XXI Centuries
  • Krampe, Theresa
    Self-Conscious Play: Towards a Theory, History, and Poetics of Metareference in Videogames
  • Kreitler, Melanie
    Fictions of Experience: Narrating Mental Illness in America’s Contemporary Complex Cinema and Television
  • Oholi, Jeannette
    Afroeuropäisch - Entwürfe von Schwarzen europäischen Identitäten in literarischen Texten des 21. Jahrhunderts
  • Susa, David E.
    Literary Paratexts in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: Uses of titles, subtitles, epigraphs, prefaces and epilogues in English novels
  • Wang, Sijie
    Carceral England: Figurations of National Spaces in Novels of the Long Eighteenth Century
  • Alinezhadi, Ehsan
    Cultural Context Shaping Adaptations; A Transmedial Comparison between Adapted Persian and Anglo-American Movies and Plays
  • Antweiler, Katrin
    Memorialising the Holocaust in Human Rights Museums: A comparative analysis of memory politics in the light of Global Citizenship Education
  • Bauer, Liza
    Livestock in the Laboratory of Literature: The Cultural and Ethical Work of Farm Animal Representations in Anglophone Thought Experiments
  • Boucher, Marie-Christine
    Kulturelle Übersetzungsprozesse in transnationaler deutschsprachiger Literatur: Theoretisches Modell und Beispielsanalyse aus zeitgenössischen Romane
  • Casazza, Silvia
    W.G. Sebalds selbstreflexive Reisefiktion. Poetik und ethisches Potential des kulturellen Erinnerns
  • Flaß, Alexander
    The Body and/as Art in Contemporary American Literature
  • Heidrich, Anna
    Zur Narratologie des Schweigens. Erzählte Erinnerungslücken und Identitätsbrüche
  • Kappe, Jennifer
    Depression Memoirs between Vulnerability and Resilience. A Genre in German and Anglophone Literature of the 21st Century from a Cultural Narratological Perspective
  • Karpa, Romana
    Concepts and Methods of Literary Analysis in French Thematic Criticism
  • Klaubert, Hannah
    Narrating the Imperceptible – Eco-Consciousness and Posthuman Becoming in German Culture after Chernobyl
  • Marcotte, Tanja
    Theatralität bei Kafka - Techniken des Theaters als erzählerische Mittel
  • Rapisardi, Eleonora
    Challenging Colonial Epistemology, Negotiating Diasporic Cultural Imaginaries. Polyphonic Narration in Hispaniola and Cuba’s American Contemporary Fiction
  • Spirkovska, Marija
    Disturbia: Poetics of Urban Psychopathology in the Anglophone City Novel (1980-2020)
  • Bergmann, Max
    Das Netz-Bild: Assoziative Narration und digitale Netzwerkstrukturen im zeitgenössischen Film
  • Pepiak, Ewelina
    The Politics of Desire: Whiteness and Métissage in French Postcolonial Cinema
  • Schmidt, Regina Leonie
    Moral Dilemmas as a Storytelling Device in Contemporary US American Medical Drama on Television
  • Zapp, Mareike
    The Cultural Work of Forms in Elisabeth Elliot's Writing: Exploring Narrative Modes of Life Writing and Ethnographic Representation in the Contact Zone
  • Züger, Andrea
    Über Performativität und Transformation von Narrativen im Kontext von Palliative Care in der Würdezentrierten Therapie. Zwischen Narration, Edition und Rezeption