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AG Moving Images: Theory and Practice



Pursuing a cultural studies-based interdisciplinary approach to film and video, the Working Group “Moving Images” is aimed at all of those who are interested in analysing moving images, whether a specialist in film studies or not. Thanks to the large number of academic disciplines that currently turn their attention to audiovisual material – ranging from film and literary studies to history, sociology and anthropology –, the group is an ideal place for discussing a big range of heterogeneous sources and topics in the context of different media formats, transmediality, or the logic of production and reception. Today, moving images are located in an intermedial community alongside mobile phone footage, YouTube clips, Tumblr gifs, TV movies and series, music videos, machinima, videogames, and documentaries, which allows for numerous entry points of engagement and discussion.


The theoretical approach to moving images is complemented by discussions of audio-visual material or concepts that are of relevance to the dissertations of the participants. We pursue experimental approaches to moving images or engage with film, television and other video material in a more practical manner. In consequence, we are always open to the topics and ideas of new members.


Examples for past events and topics

  • Film series “Sound Disruptions – Music and Global Politics”
  • Thomas Elsaesser: European Cinema and Continental Philosophy
  • Keynote Lecture by Richard Walsh: "Complexity and Contingency in Narrative Cognition and Semiosis" - December 15, 2020.
  • Keynote Lecture by Hideaki Fujiki: Ecological Reality as Contesting Global Imaginations: Documentary on Radioactive Waste - February 16, 2021


Contact (speakers):