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Support at the JLU

JLU prides itself on being a family-friendly institution, and has been recognized as such on many occasions. The university can help make your career/your studies more compatible with your family life right from the start: by helping you procure appropriate accommodation, personalized information and consultations, and childcare provisions – including for regular childcare, flexible childcare, and vacation childcare.

As a registered doctoral researcher, you have access to all offers of the student union. Within the union building is the Office of Family Life, which will gladly provide you with a welcome package, and which is also the place to inquire about subsidies, such as those that cover babysitting costs.


You can access information in English on the Student Union's page "Studying with Children".


More information on the JLU’s various offerings is available in German under the following links:



New: Maternity leave regulations for enrolled JLU members

Since 1 January 2018, all enrolled students and doctoral candidates benefit from new regulations concerning governmentally regulated maternity leave. When you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you can indicate this to the university’s admissions office by submitting the form “Mitteilung einer Schwangerschaft” and a copy of your “Mutterpass” (document from the gynecologist or midwife which confirms and documents the pregnancy). You will then benefit from the maternity leave regulations: 6 weeks prior to and 8 weeks after the birth of your child (or 12 weeks after birth for premature or multiple births, or in case a disability is diagnosed) you are not allowed to continue your studies. You may however declare yourself ready to work in this period in order to be able to continue your seminars or take part in examinations. Withdrawal of this declaration is possible at any time.

During maternity leave you have the right to request individualized compensational arrangements for coursework so that you can successfully complete your chosen courses. For each course, an assessment of possible dangers to the mother and child will be written and made accessible to you.

Further information can be found in JLU “Rundschreiben 03/2018” (German only):

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lena Nüchter:

Information and forms can be found here (German only):