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Collaborative Research Projects


Your collaborative research projects form the heart of our research centre. GGK and GCSC offer spaces that you can design and co-create yourself in order to bring together the different individual research interests of the members and partners and to develop your own, innovative research questions.

In this way, these collaborative research projects conceptualized by our members also make an important contribution to the concept-based, interdisciplinary study of culture that forms the programmatic framework of our center.

From the idea to the collaborative event/publication


The path from your idea to the event/publication always leads through the research groups and through collaboration with at least one of the Research Areas. Since the focus here in the Research Areas is on the work on central concepts of the study of culture, this link back to the RAs is of great importance for the work at our centre.

Embedding the projects in the work of the research groups also requires an exchange on a fundamental aspect of every (collaborative) research project: the question of the objectives that the project is to pursue. What are the overall goals of your group in this project? How do these relate to the goals of the centre? Are there intersections with the goals of individual departments at JLU, the university as a whole? Where do you see possible synergies and opportunities for cooperation? What goals do the initiators of the project have on a very individual level? For example, is a publication planned? What would that mean in turn for the format of the envisaged event? At the beginning of your conversations, look for an exchange with the current RA speakers, former RA speakers, and more experienced members who can offer a valuable perspective. In this early phase, you should also contact Jens Kugele, who, in his role as Head of Research Coordination, will be there to advise you through all of your project phases, from the idea to the event. In all of your collaborative projects, please make sure to involve principal investigators from the GCSC, postdocs and associates of the GCSC, scholars from the JLU (also those who are not members of our centre) and, wherever useful, inter/national partners of our centre.


For more information on planning research events, see the Internal Member Area.