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Links & Tips

Take advantage of our link collection, in which we present relevant websites and central contact points at JLU.

E-Learning at JLU - Contact Points and Information

Special Funding Opportunities for Teaching Projekts at JLU

  • Funding for "gender teaching assignments"
    Funding for teaching assignments that deal with subject-related topics of women's and gender studies or teach gender competence, is used to increase the number of gender-sensitive and gender-critical courses and to improve the quality of teaching at JLU. It is financed by QSL funds. Announcements are made semi-annually; applications must be submitted via the relevant institute. [Update SoSe 2022: Currently events from FB03, 04 and 05 are only funded if they are part of the certificate "Gender, Sexuality and Diversity"].

  • Dr.-Herbert-Stolzenberg-Teaching Award
    On the initiative of the Dr. Herbert Stolzenberg Foundation and the Presidential Board of Justus Liebig University, the GCSC is able to offer awards every two years to promote scientific achievements of outstanding young scientists, including outstanding achievements in teaching. More



Further Services at the JLU referring to Teaching and Higher Education Didactics


Service Point 'Teaching Evaluation'


Public Learning Materials


Onlinemodul zu Recht im E-Learning


Helpful Material by ZfbK

Advice on Digital Accessibility and Inclusion in IT

Further Contact Points at JLU for Training in Higher Education Didactics

Hochschuldidaktisches Kompetenzzentrum (HDK) of the ZfbK



Hochschuldidaktisches Netzwerk Mittelhessen (HDM)



"NIDIT" - Network for Impactful Digital International Teaching Skills


HessenHub@JLU - Netzwerk digitale Hochschullehre Hessen




Literature Tips and Links to Material Collections from other Institutions

Thematically sorted bibliography to download  Photo: Andreas Lischka (Pixabay)


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Share your most useful links on the topic of teaching with us
and we will include it in the list!


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik

The dghd defines itself as a "scientific professional association of all those interested in the topics of 'higher education didactics' and 'study reform' in the German-speaking world". In addition to event information and job offers, the homepage offers a variety of networking opportunities - explicitly also for doctoral students.

Inside Higher Ed

by Times Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed is a journalism organization that provides news, analysis and solutions for the higher education community.

Lehreladen. Downloadcenter für inspirierte Lehre

by Ruhr Universität Bochum, Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik Hochschuldidaktik

The download centre for inspired teaching "Lehre Laden" set up by the university didactics department of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum offers comprehensive information and helpful tips for teachers, for the planning and implementation of courses at the university, teaching formats and methods as well as e-learning for download.

Teaching Tools. Eine Plattform für die Lehre

by Zürich University (UZH)

The homepage of the University of Zurich's didactics department has extensive download material available: Didactic tips, suggestions and how-to's for lecturers.

Network for Career Training in University Didactics

"What do I have to consider when assigning group work?" "How do I formulate questions appropriately?" and "How do I keep track of the central theme in the classroom?" You'll find answers to these and other questions in materials from the workshops and courses on this website. In addition, the site offers current bibliographical lists and links to other useful internet sources as well as information on the activities of the network for career training in university didactics of the North Rhine-Westphalia technical schools.

Teaching and Learning Guidance and Resources

by University of Plymouth

Information and resources on a range of teaching and learning topics including assessment, inclusivity, peer reviews and more.

Teaching & Learning Ressources

by University College Dublin

Practical and evidence-based resources to support teaching, from getting startet to resources for more experienced teachers, like quick guides, in-depth resources, templates and case studies.

Teaching & Learning Portal

by University College London

From teaching toolkits to website links and case studies, this website contains a useful bank of resources covering all aspects of teaching for staff involved in any part of the student learning experience.