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GGS Summer Event


Nine Years of GGS - The virtual Summer Party 2021

We invite all GGS members, colleagues, cooperation partners and interested visitors to our "GGS Summer Party 2021" on June 23, 2021 from 6 pm:


In the Aula (6:00 - 7:10 pm):

  • Greeting by the Vice-President for Learning and Teaching of the JLU, Professor Dr Verena Dolle
  • Greeting by the GGS Director, Professor Dr Lena Rudkowski
  • Guest lecture Professor Dr Judith Froese on the topic of sustainability in law

Free movement in the room (from approx. 7:10 pm):

  • The GGS research sections present themselves at different locations (posters, Q&A sessions in virtual space).
  • Network freely in the lounge or in the garden
  • Meet the directors and staff of the GGS

How our Summer Party will look like

After entering Gather.Town and a short time for everyone to find their way around our virtual su

mmer party world, the speakers will take to the podium in our virtual aula. Guests will be asked to take their seats in the virtual chairs.

Afterwards, our GGS summer party will proceed as usual: After greetings from the Vice-President for Learning and Teaching Professor Dr Verena Dolle and the GGS Director Professor Dr Lena Rudkowski, we are looking forward to welcoming this year's guest speaker Professor Dr Judith Froese on the topic of sustainability in law: Nachhaltigkeit per Gerichtsbeschluss? Klimaschutz, Generationengerechtigkeit und "intertemporale Freiheitssicherung".

PD Dr. Judith Froese

Short description lecture: In einem viel beachteten Beschluss hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht den Gesetzgeber kürzlich zu Nachbesserungen beim Klimaschutz verpflichtet. Um künftige Freiheit zu schonen und zu sichern, müsse der Gesetzgeber bereits heute ausreichende Vorkehrungen treffen und Umweltschutzlasten zwischen den Generationen verteilen. All diese Vorgaben stellen Ausprägungen des Nachhaltigkeitsprinzips dar – hat Karlsruhe das Grundgesetz also um Elemente der Nachhaltigkeit ergänzt?

Professor Dr Judith Froese holds the Chair of Public Law with Subsidiary Areas at the University of Konstanz. In April 2020, she habilitated with the paper "Der Mensch in der Wirklichkeit des Rechts. On the Normative Capture of the Individual by Categories and Groups". She was granted authorisation to teach the subjects public law and philosophy of law. Judith Froese is a founding member of the Young Research Group on Sustainability and a member of the academic advisory board of the Journal Nachhaltigkeitsrecht (Verlag Österreich). Photo: Monika Nonnenmacher (Cologne)


After the guest lecture and discussion - around 7:10 pm - the GGS invites you to various interactive offers in the virtual summer party world, which serve networking and which offer space for continued discussions as well as stimulating conversations. Our GGS research sections will introduce themselves and you will have time to talk to other GGS members - almost like in real life. We look forward to trying something new with you and "celebrating" the highlight of the year together.

The following Research Sections actively present themselves at our Summer Party:


Behavioral & Social Finance & Accounting

Private Space - Talks with Section members
Educational Governance Poster
Human-Animal Studies Poster
Statehood and International Transformations Poster
Media, Science & Technology Poster
Human Rights & Democracy Private Space - Talks with Section members
Norms & Changes in Global Politics Poster
Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management Poster
Political Education Präsentation
Social Inequality & Gender  Poster

How Gather.Town works: 

Gather.Town is a virtual world that enables us to make the summer party a nice experience in spite of everything, to welcome the summer together and to "celebrate" nine years of promoting young talents at GGS. The special thing about the video conferencing tool Gather.Town is that you can walk through a virtual world with an avatar, similar to nostalgic video games. The presentation is remotely reminiscent of Super Mario or Minecraft.

Gather.Town offers many playful possibilities to realise our summer party - and yet close to reality. For example, in addition to the conventional functions of a video conferencing tool, it is possible to set up private spaces for smaller group calls and to hold conversations in private. Furthermore, we will anchor section posters in the virtual world and integrate introduction videos.

Feel free to give Gather.Town a try. The following link leads to the try-out or the demo version: If you still have questions about the virtual implementation of our summer party, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sommerfest Button AnmeldungWe kindly ask for registration via online form