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Survey of Demand 2018

Dear GGS members,


A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to participate in our annual survey of demand, so that you could give us feedback about your wishes in terms of the GGS course offer, and how satisfied you have been with what has been offered so far. Now that we have finished evaluating the survey, we would like to share the insights we gained with you.

The GGS course offer was evaluated very positively by the majority of all survey participants – across all different aspects that were covered in the survey, which we take as a sign that our workshops meet your needs and wishes.

We would also like to express our personal gratitude for the mostly very positive feedback that participants gave us about the quality of communication with the GGS. We were very pleased to see that we manage to reach you well via different channels.

Nevertheless, we will continue to work hard on optimizing our course offer and communication channels, so that you are always, and comfortably so, informed about what is currently going on at the GGS.

Your wishes for specific workshops at the GGS are instrumental to our planning for the upcoming semesters. In accordance with your preferences, future courses will mostly be full-time (single or multiple days) and primarily take place on Thursdays or/and Fridays. We are happy to inform you that we will be able to offer courses on the majority of your most requested methodical, intra- and extra-disciplinary subjects. Furthermore, we will consider your preferred software applications and offer workshops dealing with SPSS, R, STATA, MAXQDA, and F4. We plan to offer the following workshops during the next terms:


Most requested methodical and intra-disciplinary classes

Multivariate Methods

"Multivariate Verfahren: Panelanalyse mit Stata" (September 10, 2019)

Qualitative Methods

“Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA –Einführungskurs“ (January 17, 2019)

“Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA – Aufbaukurs“ (January 18, 2019)

Panel analysis

"Multivariate Verfahren: Panelanalyse mit Stata" (September 10, 2019)

Quantitative Methods

“Qualitative und Quantitative Befragungsmethoden im Vergleich” (December 13, 2018)

Longitudinal Analysis

In planning for summer term 2019

Questionnaire Designing

“Theoretische Fragebogenkonstruktion” (June 27-28, 2019)

Interviewing techniques

"Die Kunst des guten Interviews - Gesprächstechniken, Fragestile, Steuerungmöglichkeiten bei qualitativen Interviews" November 28/29, 2019)

Structural Equation Modelling

“Strukturgleichungsmodelle (SEM) mit AMOS” (October 2/5/9/12, 2018)

Mixed Method Approaches

In planning for summer term 2019

Meta Analysis

“Metaanalyse” (November 29-30, 2018)


Most requested software classes


“R: Causal Inference Using Difference-in-Difference and Regression Discontinuity Designs” (October 25-26, 2018)

Course Language is English

"Einführung in die Datenanalyse mit R "

(March 28/29, 2019)


In planning for summer term 2019


"Multivariate Verfahren: Panelanalyse mit Stata" (September 10, 2019)


“Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA –Einführungskurs” (January 17, 2019)

“Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA – Aufbaukurs” (January 18, 2019)


Most requested extra-disciplinary classes

Writing applications for third-party funds

"Selbstständig forschen nach der Promotion - Antragswerkstatt zur (DFG-)Sachbeihilfe" (May 17, 2019)

Publication Strategies

“Publication Strategy” (November 23, 2018)

Course Language is English

Good Scientific Conduct

“Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis” (December 03, 2018)

Academic Writing

“Writing an Academic Journal Article” (February to May2019) – The course language is English

Efficient Reading

“Effizient lesen” (May 10, 2019)


“Introduction to the Peer Review Process. A Workshop for Early Career Researchers” (April 25, 2019)

Course Language is English

Career Management & Assessing Personal Profile

z. B. “Karriere- & Forschungsprofil individuell entwickeln” (May 21-22, 2019)

Pursuing Careers outside of Academia

In planning for winter term 2019/20

Strategies for Job Applications

“Bewerbungsmappen/CV cover letter Check (in English)” (November 08, 2018)

“Bewerbungsmappen/CV and Cover Letter Check (in English)” (June 13, 2019)

Rhetoric & Presentation Skills

“Rhetorik & Präsentation” (Summer term 2019)


As always, you may find information about specific course contents, dates and times, as well as our further course offer via the usual channels.

Your requests for improving and extending our existing offers are important to us. Already, we can answer some of the questions you asked us:


Q: Is there any chance that the GGS could offer travel funds, which members could apply for?

A: Unfortunately, budgetary reasons prevent us from offering travels funds. However, we can assist you in your search for scholarships and help you if you wish to apply for travel funds with external capital providers (e.g. DAAD, DFG, Erasmus+ etc.). If you are interested in our assistance, you may directly contact the GGS office. There’s an application form specifically devised for these requests, which you may find here.


Q: Does the GGS provide any courses on the topic of "Researching/Doing a PhD and Parenthood"?

A: Together with the GCSC, the GGS has planned a lecture series on "Familie und Karriere (Family and Career)". Lectures will take place on 13.11.2018, 11.12.2018 and 12.02.2019. If you are looking for individual counsel, you may also directly contact the GGS office (via the application form).


Q: Would it be possible to offer workshops of how to write an application for third-party funds at a specific foundation/organization?

A: Yes, definitely. Previous as well as currently planned workshops on writing applications for third-party funds already address(ed) how to write applications for specific organizations such as the DFG. If you are interested in specific organizations that offer funding, please contact us directly – your wishes guide our planning of future workshops.


Q: Could the GGS offer courses on creative teaching and learning methods?

A: The University Didactic Center of Excellence (Hochschuldidaktisches Kompetenzzentrum) at the ZfbK already offers an extensive selection of classes on these topics: In order to avoid organizational redundancies between the centers, the GGS focuses on areas of expertise other than “university teaching”.


We kindly thank everyone who participated in the survey and thus helped us to continue providing an offer that meets your wishes and needs here at the GGS.


Best regards from Giessen