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Previous GGS Annual Conferences

GGS Annual Conference 2015 "Intersectionality and Biography"


27th - 28th November 2015

Intersectionality pursues the goal of describing dimensions of social inequality in their 'interweaving' or 'crossover' and analyzing their interplay. Different social categories, such as gender, age or ethnicity, are therefore not considered individually or as an additive, but at the same time. Social categories in their 'interconnectedness' are not necessarily seen as static, but can be understood in their interaction as dynamic processes, as they can be traced in biographical progressions.

We assume that the innovative potential of an intersectional perspective in the context of biographical research could prove fruitful, since biographical approaches allow different social categories to be considered at the same time and, on the other hand, to trace whether and how the interplay of different social sciences can be pursued Categories may have changed over the course of life. A biographical view could open up a new possibility for determining the biographical relevance of social categories.


Keynote Speakers:

Helma Lutz (Frankfurt am Main)

Dorle Klika/Christine Demmer (Siegen)

GGS Annual Conference 2014 "Mediatisation of Social Conflicts"

3rd - 5th December 2014


Technical developments, especially in the field of new information and communication technologies, have contributed significantly to a change in our worlds of life. The Gießen Graduate Conference "Mediatization of Social Conflicts" focuses on the role of media in social transformation processes of public discourses and everyday practices. In doing so, the question will be examined of the influence of media on the arrangement, discharge and reception of social conflicts. Are they conflict-stiffening, aggravating or even generating new conflicts? With which methods can the interaction of media and social conflicts be examined against this background? The focus will be on media change and conflict visualization, mass medial conflict communication in theory and practice, the mediatization of age (s) and the mediatization of violence (conflicts).


Keynote Speakers:

Prof Dr Manfred Faßler (Frankfurt)
Prof Dr Hans-Jürgen Bucher (Trier)
Prof Dr Kurt Imhof (Zürich)
Prof Dr Rainer Winter (Klagenfurt)

GGS Annual Conference 2013 "Communication in Capital Markets"

24th - 25th October 2013

The functioning of financial markets is to a significant degree a matter of communication. This applies both to their economic and their social dimensions. Communicating with financial markets has become increasingly important for firms, investors and policymakers. Moreover, the channels of information dissemination and transmission are continuously evolving. At the same time, financial processes, which tend to become ever more specialized, technicized and opaque, are being made subject to public communication, interpretation, and critique. The issue of financial communication, thus, represents a meeting ground for academic research in economics, business studies and the social sciences. The conference “Communication in Capital Markets,” organized at the newly founded Giessen Graduate Centre for Social Sciences, Business, Economics and Law (GGS), brings together doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers from sociology, finance, economics, and accounting with scholars and practitioners in finance and media communication.


Keynote Speakers:

Prof Dr Doris Merkl-Davies, Bangor Business School, UK
Tobias Spanka, General Manager, Germany & Austria, Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing Group, Brussels, Frankfurt/Main