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Research Funding

On this page you can find information about financial support for your research activities:


Personal Funding



  • Support of International Doctoral Candidates 


Project Funding


    • within the JLU: research grants for projects carried out by junior postdoc graduates
    • The Giessen University Society also awards funds for the support of projects run by JLU researchers, which concur with the society’s aims.
    • Sciencestarter offers a chance at financing scientific research and science communication projects via crowdfunding.
    • The Federal funding portal will provide you with information on Federal project grants, data bases with current research projects and more.
    • Project support/funding measures of the EU.
    • The Young Academy is the first academy of junior scientists worldwide. It offers an interdisciplinary and socially relevant scope of work for excellent junior scientists from the German-speaking world.


Support of Mobility


  •  Support by the German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD):
    • short-term scholarship for graduating doctoral students (1-6 months of support)
    • one-year scholarship for graduating doctoral students 
    • travel programme for congresses and conferences
    • bilateral scientists exchange
    • P.R.I.M.E. – support of mobility for postdocs:
      This support comprises of a phase of 12 months abroad and a six-months-long phase of integration in a German university at which the recipients of the support will be employed as postdocs throughout the entire duration of the support measure.
    • Project-oriented exchange of people with different countries:
      At the centre of this is the initiation or intensification of collaborative research activities between a German and a foreign university and/or research facility in order to strengthen scientific relationships. Here, the qualification of junior scientists is of special importance. It is possible to apply for travelling allowances and funds for sojourns of members of a German research group for short-term research sojourns at foreign partner institutions, paid for out of DAAD funds.
      For 2018, applications can be made for the following countries: Finland, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Thailand


  • Support of Mobility by Foundations
    • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (for Postdocs)
      Stays abroad for German postdoctoral researchers and Stay in Germany for foreign postdoctoral researchers
    • Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation
      Funding of research projects, conferences, scholarships, travel costs, print and library aids, especially for scholars of the humanities and social scientists
    • Gerda-Henkel-Foundation
      Support of Historical Humanities by financing research projects, research trips, scholarships, conderences and printing costs
    • Fazit-Foundation
      Here, you can apply for travelling allowances for trips necessary or at least desirable for your doctorate or habilitation. Ordinarily, allowances will only granted if it is impossible to receive other support.
    • Fulbright-Scholarships
      Targeted at German junior researchers just beginning work on theire doctorate. Support is granted for research in connection with one's own dissertation project. It is open to doctoral candidates of all faculties. Scholarship holders are expected to return to their original university in order to finish their doctoral studies there.
    • Minerva-Stiftung
      Minerva Short-Term Research Grants are available for all subject areas and are open to applicants from all research facilities (in Israel - public or governmental research institutes) and universities in Germany and Israel. Applicants should not be older than 38 years.


Printing Allowances


An overview of sources of funding, arranged according to subject areas, is offered by the University of Duisburg-Essen. 


General Links to Funding Databases


You would like to find the institution offering support which best fits your personal profile? The following data bases will help you:

Keep yourself informed on a regular basis and subscribe to the information mailing list Research Funding/Support (FIT).