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International Security and Statehood

Mission Statement

Building and safeguarding international security is one of the central challenges in the 21st century. Identifying causes of international, transnational and inner state conflicts, restraining violence and establishing functional justice systems require complex processes and institutions, which may employ various concepts of security. Hereby, international actors may have multifaceted aims, including prevention of state failure and promotion of democratic developments alongside peace-building. Over the last decades, these processes have led to an expansion of the range of international, regional, governmental and non-governmental actors in the domain of international security.

Interdisciplinary research in the framework of this section, including empirical and normative work, addresses central questions of peace, security and democratic statehood in a globalizing world.

The section offers an opportunity for exchange and joint projects to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in political, societal and legal aspects of international security and statehood.


The section International Security and Statehood seeks to cooperate with the section Norms and Changes in Global Politics. 

Current Events

02 December 2019: Talk given by Dr. Steven Klein (University of Florida): Making a democratic welfare state (


“It is about the dilemmas and possibilities that the social welfare state presents to political movements aspiring to enact democratic transformations By democratic transformations, I mean a mode of politics that brings critical scrutiny upon previously unchallenged and rigid forms of domination and that thereby seeks to change, not just the distribution of material goods or the electoral fortunes of a particular party, but the basic structure of social relationships. As a confrontation between the first modern, nation wide social welfare institutions and a movement seeking such democratic transformations, the confrontation between Bismarck and the SPD distils the questions I address: Can democratic political movements use social welfare institutions to achieve lasting change in society? Or will participation in hierarchical state structures inevitably dissipate the transformative aspirations of such movements?”

4pm until 6pm, Philosophikum II Room E119, no prior registration necessary. For further informations don't hesitate to contact or


21.10.2019 - GGS Section Lecture - Prof. Simon Bulmer "Germany and the EU: Europe's Reluctant Hegemon?"


02.07.2019 - The DFG project members participated in a workshop together with Dr. Rainer Schweickert from the University of Kiel.


25.06.2019 - The section members presented their dissertation projects at the third biannual colloquium. (see below for more information)


 Current Projects


Post Doc Projects

"Domestic Preferences and EU Cooperation - Explaining Foreign Policies in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. A Two-Level-Game Analysis" (Vera Axyonova and Andrea Gawrich)


PhD Candidates

"The boundaries of EU’s resilience policy vis-à-vis the domestic actors in Eastern neighborhood: case study of oligarchy in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine" (Denis Cenusa)


"Labor policies in the post-Soviet space – a comparison of Georgia and Moldova" (Annemarie Ickler)


“Structural and Systemic European Integration: Resistance and Compliance, the Margin of Appreciation and the Council of Europe” (Fabian Schoeppner)


"Die konzeptionellen Grenzen des Begriffs der Konkurrenz im Kontext der internationalen Beziehungen: Begriffsdefinitionen" (Fadi Bezkadi)


"Civil Society within Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes: Institutionalization as a capacity for diffusion between transnationalization and incorporation by the state? Cases of Armenia and Azerbaijan" (Murad Nasibov)


"Zivilgesellschaft unter autoritärer Herrschaft" (Simon Rothers)