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iFZ Masters 2021

The Interdisciplinary Research Center (iFZ) of the Justus Liebig University, as a scientific infrastructure and interdisciplinary center, plays a significant role in research-based teaching in the fields of biology, agricultural, nutritional and environmental sciences. In addition to the laboratories of the iFZ professorships, jointly used interdisciplinary research facilities such as climatic chambers, greenhouses or aquariums offer excellent conditions for experimental scientific work. The iFZ initiated the iFZ Masters awards in order to honor and make known particularly outstanding, exemplary master theses every year. Two master theses were awarded in 2021.

iFZ Masters 2021 award winner Dorena Sauter evaluating data (Photo: D. Sauter)

In her master thesis "Generic effect-related screening of 68 botanicals with subsequent identification of selected bioactive zones", Dorena Sauter analyzed various plant extracts for bioactive ingredients. Plants have been used to treat diseases since time immemorial, but often without knowing why the plants help. Today it is known that plants contain complex mixtures of different substances and substance classes. This diversity of compounds harbors the challenge of assigning the bioactivity to individual components. In her work, Dorena Sauter was able to detect bioactive substances in all of the plant extracts she analyzed.

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Marie Schneider dealt with extreme climate change as part of her master thesis "Assessment of climate change as an existential risk". In research there are considerations that climate change could become significantly more extreme or even existentially threatening. So far, however, the scientific focus does not seem to have been directed towards extreme increases in temperature. To check this, an extensive literature analysis was carried out. The work shows that the research focus is currently mainly on low to medium temperature increases. Extreme temperature rises seem to be less of a focus of research so far.

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