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Center for Materials Research (LaMa)

Welcome to the web sites of the Center for Materials Research
New Logo ZfM
The Center for Materials research is a core-facility of JLU and supported by the departments of chemistry and physics.
It serves for running joint research projects, for the coordination of study programs in materials science and for promoting the qualification of doctoral candidates.
The Center regularly organizes events covering recent issues of materials research. It also offers central experimental resources to its member research groups.
Please find additional information in "About us".

Picture of the Month - May 2022

1,2-Carboboration of allenes: A new way to synthesize 1,4-dienes

Bild des Monats Mai

The direct carboboration of a double or triple bond, simultaneously forming a new C−C and C−B bond, is an attractive method for the synthesis of organboranes, important intermediates for pharmaceuticals. However, direct carboboration reactions are usually limited to specific Lewis acidic boranes.  We reported now found a more general way for synthesizing Lewis acidic alkenylboranes, which readily undergo carboboration reactions ( These boranes transfer under mild conditions the alkenyl group in a regioselective 1,2-carboboration to arylallenes. The products of this reaction are well suited for the palladium-catalyzed synthesis of aryl-substituted 1,4-dienes. The picture shows crystals of one of the 1,4-dienes and the molecular structure that was derived from single-crystal X-ray diffraction.

This picture was submitted by Dr. Urs Gellrich.

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