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Keep It Safe and Treat It Carefully!

Remember that your ID card has to be treated with care! Keep it in its protective cover, do not keep it with your PIN-letter.

Please keep your ID card as safe as your bank card and treat it this way. You should keep it in the protective cover to protect it from scratches. Do not misuse it as a door-opener, etc. Do not keep it in your hip pocket, it might deform. Treating it with hot temperatures (e.g., behind the windshield in your car in summer) and/or water (washing machine, etc.) is also a bad idea. Keep it at home and in a safe place. PIN and PUK, to be found in the PIN-letter, are known only to you and cannot be reset by the university. In case you loose your PIN and PUK, the crypto chip cannot be used any more. Please contact the IT Service Centre or the Registrar’s Office.

As a working chip card has been handed out to you, it is in your own interest to keep it safe and to treat it carefully. We will have to assume that your chip card has been maltreated if it does not work anymore. You will have to apply for a new card and pay for the costs. 


The risk of misuse of your JLU student ID card is relatively low as

  • your ID card contains your picture
  • your ID card can only be used in connection with a correct PIN on the internet
  • the card cannot be duplicated

The risk of misuse of the mifare chip (payment function) is higher, however:

  • the mifare chip is not protected by a PIN (for practical reasons)
  • it suffices to hold the card near the card readers to activate the function
  • the payment function of the card can therefore be used by any current possessor of the card, not only by yourself.
  • This also applies to the other functions of the mifare chip (update of printed information on the card, printing out study certificates and, if applicable, entry to rooms and buildings)
You are therefore bound to lock your card immediately, if you realise that it is lost.