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Eristic Literacy

Acquisition and expansion in text skills for German as an academic language

Adjoint project of the Department of German Studies (Prof. Helmuth Feilke, Prof. Katrin Lehnen

This project investigates the possibilities of acquisition and advancement in text skills for German as an academic language. The partaking students come from various linguistic and scientific cultural backgrounds. The acquisition of forms of text production which are oriented towards controversies is at the core of the research interest. These forms play a central role in academia within German university tradition. For this purpose, writing and text routines, for example in the area of giving lectures and debating on research perspectives, have developed historically. Their command is essential for a successful scholarly communication. The construction of such an eristic literacy relating to scientific discourse is a crucial key competence for students’ success (also in case they come from different countries) at the university. The text production of students from German studies with German as a first, second, or third language as well as with different academic previous knowledge is investigated. The laboratory specializing in writing, SKOLA, serves as an innovative research tool. It is a web-based learning environment which was developed by the LOEWE project team of Cultural Techniques and Their Mediatization. Based on this, the aim of the project is to further develop teaching concepts for the area of German as an academic language.