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MON 24/7/2017 • 6.00 PM • A 118


Whether the audience members are dismantling and reconstructing objects, whether they are pulling strings in order to make a sonorous stage set appear or whether they are touching things and materials that are then passed on from hand to hand: in several recent works, Kate McIntosh is curious about the audience-members themselves that she attempts to bodily involve into her performances. Since 2004, the Brussels based choreographer has developed a multifaceted corpus of performance-works for the stage and other spaces, all of them being driven by an interest in the body: be it human, non-human, in movement or involved in an experimental apparatus.

The affiliation of the individual and the communal is another crucial point in Kate's work, both on the level of performance and audience reception as well as on the level of production: together with a group of artists and art-workers she founded the structure SPIN, an artist-run support and research platform in Brussels.
Be welcome to EDITION NO. 17 of the ATW TALKS in which Kate and member of staff Martina Ruhsam will talk about practices of involvement and the crux with participation, the role that non-human bodies play in the works, and working processes of Kate and the nexus of autonomy and community – in the self-organised platform SPIN and beyond.


ATW TALKS • EDITION NO. 17 • Monday, 24/7/2017 • 6.00 PM • ATW, Room A 118, Karl-Glöckner-Straße 21, Phil. II, Haus A, D-35394 Gießen

Taking place in a monthly interval since the end of 2015, the ATW TALKS are an open format for discussion organised by the ATW, the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany. The aim of the ATW TALKS is to create a forum for debating contemporary dance, theatre and performance, thereby contributing to the academic and artistic discourse in the city, in the Hessian performing arts scene and beyond. What is often considered an advantage of the ATW is equally true for the talks: hidden away from a general public with its necessity for self-representation, the context in Gießen offers a unique possibility for an intense, extensive and critical exchange. Each edition of the ATW TALKS is moderated by members of staff working at the institute. Invitations are extended to artists and academics from the performing arts and affiliated disciplines. The talks are generally conducted in English, on certain occasions though, they might be held in German or French.

Concept and organisation: Georg Döcker
Moderation: Staff of the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft





Bisherige Termine

  • 24.7.2017, A118