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Seminar Theoretical Hadron Physics

Lunch Club Seminar, usually Wednesday at 12 c.t. , Room 437

Winter 2019-2020


Date Speaker       Title  Talk
23.10. A. Harutyunyan Bulk viscosity of baryonic matter with trapped neutrinos and its application to neutron star mergers pdf
I. Boettcher  Quantum Simulation of Hyperbolic Space with Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: From Graphs to Geometry pdf
06.11. D. Schweitzer Dynamic Critical Behaviour and Spectral Functions of phi4 Theory pdf
04.12. no Lunch Club (SFB CRC)
11.12. R.-A. Tripolt Fermionic spectral functions with the Functional Renormalization Group pdf
18.12. Ph. Steinbrecher *** CANCELLED *** 
15.01. N. Santowsky Heavy-light tetraquarks in a two-body Bethe-Salpeter approach pdf
22.01. R. Alkofer Quark masses and mixings in a minimally parameterised ultraviolet completion of the Standard Model pdf coming soon
29.01. P. Isserstedt The QCD phase diagram from Dyson-Schwinger equations pdf
05.02. A. Koenigstein Numerical methods for FRG-flow equations pdf
12.02. Ch. Busch Chiral phase structure and thermodynamics pdf
------- ------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------




Summer 2019


Date  Speaker      Title Talk
19.06.  Ch. Chen  Spectrum and structure of positive and negative parity baryons pdf
26.06.  M. Scherer

 Competing phases of interacting electrons in twisted bilayer graphene and related moire heterostructures

03.07.  A. Lindemeier  Lefschetz Thimbles in (1+1)d Lattice QED pdf
10.07.  M. Ulybyshev

 Lefschetz thimbles approach for (2+1)D Hubbard model:

 study of saddle points and benchmark calculations

17.07.  D. Kraatz  Modelling Baryons within the NJL Framework: From Quarks to Baryons pdf
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Winter 2018-2019


Date  Speaker      Title Talk

 G. Nicotera

Measurement of latent heat of deconfinement transition in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory pdf
31.10.  U. Mosel Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei pdf
14.11.  Bai Long Pion-pole contribution to hadronic light-by-light scattering in a dispersive approach   pdf
21.11.  R.-A. Tripolt  Spectral functions with the FRG pdf
28.11.  F. Ziesche Lefschetz Thimbles and Lattice Gauge Theory pdf
05.12.  M. Buballa Inhomogeneous chiral condensates pdf
30.01.  D. Smith Quantum phase transitions on the hexagonal lattice pdf
06.02.  M. Ghanbarpour 

Holomorphic Gradient Flow and Lefschetz Thimbles in Strongly Correlated Fermionic Systems

26.03.  Y. Hayashi Complex poles and spectral function of Yang-Mills theory pdf
------- -------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---




Summer 2018


Date    Speaker Title Talk
18.04.  J. Eser Low-energy limit of the O(4) quark-meson model pdf



 S. Schlichting Jet energy loss in a QCD plasma: Universal quark/gluon ratio and wave turbulence pdf
16.05. P. Gunkel Quarks and Pions at finite chemical potential pdf
23.05. no Lunch Club (xQCD)
06.06.  L. Shen  Dynamical thermalization in the quark-meson model pdf
20.06.  A. Cyrol Towards a first-principles QCD phase diagram pdf
27.06.  N. Wink Spectral functions in QCD: calculation and application pdf
04.07.  A. Weber Callan-Symanzik-Equations for Infrared QCD pdf
11.07  M. J. Steil Inhomogeneous chiral condensates within the Functional Renormalization Group pdf
------- -------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---



Winter 2017-2018


Date    Speaker Title Talk
25.10.  D. Schweitzer Dynamic Critical Behaviour of a Classical Statistical Field Theory pdf
08.11.  Taesoo Song Dynamics of charm degrees of freedom in heavy-ion collisions pdf



 E. Seifert Three body reactions in AA collisions pdf
29.11.  Th. Steinert Hadron-parton transition at finite chemical potential pdf
06.12.  Naoto Tanji Non-equilibrium quark production in the expanding QCD plasma pdf
20.12.  F. Giacosa Influence of the axial anomaly on mesons and baryons pdf
10.01.  M. Mitter QCD from gluon, quark, and meson correlators pdf
17.01.  K. Otto High Density Fluctuations in Neutron Stars pdf
24.01.  M. Körner

Hybrid Monte Carlo simulations at the van Hove singularity in monolayer    


31.01.  J. Braun Symmetry breaking patterns in QCD at high density pdf
------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

Summer 2017


Date   Speaker  Title Talk


S. Jia

Gauge covariance of the Schwinger-Dyson equations for QED propagators in Minkowski space

26.04. F. Ziegler Cooling Stochastic Quantization with Colored Noise pdf



F. Seck Thermal dileptons from coarse-grained transport as probes of hot and dense QCD matter pdf
10.05. N. Defenu Landscape of Φ4 field theories pdf
17.05. M. Scherer  Interactions and phase transitions in two-dimensional Dirac materials pdf
24.05. P. Lowdon Local Quantum Field Theory and Confinement in QCD pdf
31.05. R.F. Lautenbacher Generalized Spin Representations in 10-dimensional Quantum Gravity pdf
07.06. P. Gunkel Quarks and Pions at finite chemical potential pdf
14.06. D. Robaina Total decay rates from lattice QCD
21.06. E. Weil Electromagnetic decays of the neutral pion pdf
05.07. M. Strickland Quasiparticle anisotropic hydrodynamics pdf
12.07. D. Parganlija Glueballs - theoretical status and experimental search pdf
------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

Winter 2016-2017







N. Haque

QCD Thermodynamics at finite T and mu in HTL perturbation theory


26.10. J. Wilhelm  Two-color QCD at finite density pdf
09.11. A. Cyrol Yang-Mills theory at zero and finite temperature pdf

A. Peters,

Tetraquarks on the lattice pdf
M Pflaumer, M Wagner pdf
07.12. R.-A. Tripolt The "Resonances Via Padé" (RVP) Method pdf
14.12. G. Almasi

Modeling chiral criticality and its consequences for heavy-ion collisions  

21.12. S. Schlichting Chiral magnetic effect and anomalous transport from real-time lattice simulations pdf
11.01. no lunch club (NuPECC meeting)
18.01. S. Resch Mass Sensitivity of the QCD Phase Structure  pdf
25.01. M. Quandt The variational approach to QCD pdf
01.02. F. Cuteri Extended QCD phase diagram from the lattice pdf
08.02. M. Scherrer *** CANCELLED *** 



in 511 

K. Yamawaki Hidden local symmetry and scale symmetry for the bound states in the Standard Model pdf
------- ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---




Summer 2016






20.04. M. Gerlach Monte Carlo Study of Competing Orders in a Nearly Antiferromagnetic Metal   pdf
27.04. no lunch club
04.05. Ph. Scior Effective Polyakov Loop Models for QCD-like Theories at Finite Density pdf
11.05. Meeting of all ITP members
25.05. E.-M. Ilgenfritz Phase diagram of dense two-color QCD with Nf = 2 flavors of staggered quarks  pdf
22.06. A. Sternbeck Recent lattice results on the triple-gluon and the quark-gluon vertex



R. Venugopalan The role of Kibble-Zurek scaling in the search for the QCD critical point pdf
06.07. M. Hansen Extracting scattering and resonance properties from the lattice pdf
13.07. K. Fukushima Analytical studies of Gaussian approximated complex Langevin equations and the sign problem pdf
------- --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---



Winter 2015-2016


Date     Speaker  Title Talk
14.10. R.-A. Tripolt  Mesonic Spectral Functions at finite temperature and density         pdf
21.10. No Lunch Club (HIC for FAIR PAC Meeting) 
28.10. S. N. Nedelko 

Domain wall network as QCD vacuum: confinement, chiral symmetry, hadronization

04.11. S. Schlichting The early stages of high-energy heavy-ion collisions pdf
11.11. W.-J. Fu

Baryon number fluctuations within the functional renormalisation group approach

25.11. P. Stoffer Dispersion relation for Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering pdf
02.12. N. Tsoneva

Significance of modern microscopic nuclear structure approaches for astrophysics

16.12. J. Pawlowski Exploring the phase structure and dynamics of QCD pdf
20.01. No Lunch Club (Hirschegg Meeting)
27.01. R. Williams Bound States from the 3PI effective action pdf
03.02. J. Segovia Nucleon Resonance Electro-couplings in Dyson-Schwinger Equations pdf
10.02. M. Mitter Chiral symmetry breaking in continuum QCD pdf
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