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• Meetings & Visits

German Research Foundation visiting Monash University

DFG delegation meeting IRTG at Monash

On the occasion of his visit to Monash University Prof. Dr. Peter Strohschneider, the president of the German Research Foundation, and his entourage met with IRTG members to discuss about our training group and its achievements.

October 2019

JLU delegation travelling to Australia 2019

Andreas Meinhardt accompanying JLU president to Monash

As part of their Australia tour JLU president Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee and Julia Volz, Head of the JLU International Office, visited Monash University. With the objective of scheming future collaborative programme between both institutions, the meeting was supported by Kate Loveland and Andreas Meinhardt, the IRTG spokespersons of Monash and JLU.

September 2019

JLU president visits Monash University 2019

JLU President Prof. Mukherjee travelling to Australia

Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee and Julia Volz, Head of the JLU International Office visited Monash to meet Monash Vice-Provost Ian Smith and other university and faculty leaders to enhance the collaboration between both institutions.

On this occasion Prof. Mukherjee also met Kate Loveland to award her the extension of her Liebig professorship.

January 2019

JLU president visits Monash University 2017

JLU President & DAAD Vice President, Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee, travelling to Australia

Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee met with the Monash Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner, Vice Provost Zlatko Skrbis and the IRTG team at Monash University to deepen the alliance between both institutions.

October 2017

Patrick Western from Monash at JLU

Erasmus+ grant for international staff mobility

Patrick WesternHis visit offers a great opportunity to discuss prospective IRTG collaboration with Undraga Schagdarsurengin and Klaus Steger.
We are looking forward to welcoming him here and having him with us.

July 2016

Kate Loveland and Mark Hedger to come in June

Monash supervisors visiting JLU

We are looking forward to welcoming Kate Loveland and Mark Hedger in Giessen to discuss their projects and plan the IRTG renewal application.

May 2016

Milestone Meeting Melbourne 2015

Second plenary face to face meeting at Monash University - Nov 25-28

Milestone Meeting MelbourneFor many of us, it was an exciting venture flying halfway around the world to meet our partners at their home, in Australia.

We had a productive conference filled with project presentations, discussions and workshops as well as some highlights in between:

The keynote lecture of our invited speaker Jon Oatley from Washington State University for example or the exclusive YouTube message for our students sent by Prof. Joseph Penninger, scientific director of IMBA (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna, Austria).

On Nov 28, our Monash partner had invited clinicians to a Men's Health Symposium, a supplementary platform for scientific exchange on reproduction.

All in all, we spent some very intensive days together. Thanks again!

November 2015

Gail Risbridger coming to Giessen

 Oct 06 - 09, 2015

Risbridger, GailWe are pleased to welcome Monash investigator Gail Risbridger at JLU in the first week of October. She will be here to intensify project work with the groups of Florian Wagenlehner/ Undraga Schagdarsurengin and Ralf Middendorff and contribute to the HZRM Colloquium giving the talk" The epigenetics of the prostate carcinoma.

October 2015

IRTG members meet in Shanghai

VI. Epididymis Workshop, Shanghai, Oct 31 - Nov 03, 2014

VI. Epididymis Workshop Shanghai

Vera Michel, Andreas Meinhardt and Mark Hedger met in Shanghai for a joint data presentation of P9.

P6 supervisor Ralf Middendorff also took part in the meeting.

November 2014

JLU delegation travelling to Australia 2014

 JLU president Joybrato Mukherjee and Head of JLU International Office Julia Volz accompanied by Andreas Meinhardt visit Australia - Sep 21 - Oct 01

Andreas Meinhardt's lecture at MonashPress

Gießener Anzeiger, Oct 04, 2014


Among Sidney and Canberra, the JLU delegation will also visit Monash University to enhance the relationship between both universities.

The visit includes several meetings with representatives of Monash University and DAAD as well as an awards ceremony. On this occasion, Kate Loveland will be awarded the JLU honorary Liebig Professorship and Andreas Meinhardt will be conferred the extension of his adjunct appointment as Professor at the Monash Institute of Medical Research and Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research.


Andreas Meinhardt will also take the opportunity to meet the IRTG students, join the Monash journal club and give a lecture.

September 2014

Inaugural Meeting Prato 2014

at Monash University Prato Centre, Prato, Italy - May 08 - 10

Prato group photograph IRTG members from Monash and JLU finally came together in Prato. For many it was the first possibility to get to know each other. It turned out a very fruitful and lively conference, bringing up new ideas and intensified cooperation within each project and among the different projects. Further, the participants could benefit from several workshops, e.g. career development for the doctoral students and supervision development for supervisors.

The fascinating location (Palazzo Vaj) and the beautiful weather put the icing on the cake, so we had some really productive and enjoyable days!


May, 2014