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• Papers & Publications

Another publication of Christiane Pleuger in P1

Review published in Human Reproduction Update

We are glad about Christiane Pleuger's new publication for P1 "Haploid male germ cells—the Grand Central Station of protein transport". Great job!

April 2020

Joint Publication of P7 in cooperation with P9

Paper published in Cell and Tissue Research

We are very pleased about the new joint publication of the projects P7 and P9

"Region-specific immune responses to autoimmune epididymitis in the murine reproductive tract". 

April 2020

Publication of Britta Klein in project 9

Paper published in Molecular Human Reproduction

Another success in project 9 has been achieved with the publication of the Britta Klein's paper IRTG publication "Differential tissue-specific damage caused by bacterial epididymo-orchitis in the mouse"

January 2020

Publication of Pradeep Kumar Kudipudi in project 3

Paper of IRTG student Pradeep Kumar Kudipudi

We are very pleased about the next paper in P3 "Betaglycan (TβRIII) is a Key Factor in TGF-β2 Signaling in Prepubertal Rat Sertoli Cells". Well done!

December 2019



Publication of project 8

Paper published in Scientific Reports

We are very proud of the IRTG publication of project 8 "Hyperglycemia induces spermatogenic disruption via major pathways of diabetes pathogenesis", a joint achievement of IRTG alumna Conni Maresch and medical student Dina Stute. Great job!

PubMed PMID: 31506549

September 2019

Publication of project 1

CBE1 Paper accepted in Endocrinology

 Another success in project 1 has been achieved with the publication of the Christiane's paper "CBE1 is a manchette and mitochondria associated protein with a potential role in somatic cell". Well done!

PubMed PMID: 31504408

August 2019

Joint Publication of projects P2, P4, P7, P9 and P10

Review published in Human Reproduction Update

We are glad about the new IRTG publication "Infectious, inflammatory and 'autoimmune' male factor infertility: how do rodent models inform clinical practice?"

Pubmed PMID: 29648649

April 2018

Paper accepted in project 9

Vera Michel's paper to be published in Journal of Pathology

We are pleased about the new publication in IRTG project 9 "Uropathogenic Escherichia coli cause fibrotic remodelling of the epididymis."

Pubmed PMID: 27218225

May 2016

Publication in project 9

Review about activins published in Human Reproduction Update

We are glad about the new IRTG publication "Activins in reproductive biology and beyond" of Rukmali Wijayarathna and David de Kretser.

PubMed PMID: 26884470

February 2016



Publication of project 1

Paper accepted in PLOS Genetics

We are very proud of the IRTG project 1 team who succeeded with their paper "HENMT1 and piRNA stability are required for adult male germ cell transposon repression and to define the spermatogenic program in the mouse". Great job!

PubMed PMID: 26496356

October 2015

Publication in project 9

Review about Epididymitis published in Asian Journal of Andrology

We are very pleased about the new IRTG publication "Epididymitis: Revelations at the convergence of clinical and basic sciences" of Vera Michel, Mark Hedger and Andreas Meinhardt from P9 in collaboration with Adrian Pilatz from P4.

PubMed PMID: 26112484
October 2015

Publication in project 3

Paper of IRTG student Kai-Hui Chan accepted in Cell Signal

Shihan M, Chan KH, Konrad L, Scheiner-Bobis G
Non-classical testosterine signaling in spermatogenic cell line GC-2 is mediated through ZIP9, a GPCR interacting with Gnα 11
Cell Signal; 2015 Jul 21; epub ahead of print

PubMed PMID: 26208885

July 2015

Article: Next-generation infertility research

Collaboration article by Prof. Meinhardt


Professor Andreas Meinhardt gives an insight into his research on infertility and how his group is developing talent through German-Australian collaboration

May 2014