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News and Press

Andreas Meinhardt at the Research Forum Berlin 2016

"Opportunities for German Australian Research Cooperation" on March 16, 2016

At this event, organised by the Australian Ebassy, Austrade and GOstralia!, Andreas Meinhardt was invited to speak about the "Research Cooperation with Australia: From the individual project via group funding to university partnership"
March 2016

Robert in "Down Under"

5th JLU doctoral student at Monash!

Robert down underRobert Kügler, doctoral student in Ralf Middendorff's group has gone to Melbourne for a 3 months research visit. Hosted by Stuart Ellem and Gail Risbridger he will carry out research on project 6 "Hormonal regulation of cGMP pathways in the prostate - Impact for sperm transport and fertility".

We wish Robert a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

March 2016

Travel Grant for Nour Nicolas

Postgraduate Travel Grant Award

Nour has been awarded with the Postgrad Tavel Grant Award by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

March 2016

Welcome to Nina!

Medical student in project 6

Brunner, NinaWelcome to Nina Brunner who will spend the next months in Ralf Middendorff's lab to carry out research for her medical thesis. We wish her a successful time in IRTG!

March 2016

Best Abstract Award for Anna-Lena Hempfling

First prize of the DGRM (German Society of Reproductive Medicine) Abstract Awards

The award is connected with an oral presentation at the ceremony held at the 41th Joint conference of Veterinary and Human Medicine (in the context of the 49th Annual Conference "Physiology and Pathology of Reproductions 2016").

Our congratulations to Anna-Lana for this success! Great job!

February 2016

Abstract Prize for Christiane Pleuger

Christiane Pleuger awarded with the German Society of Reproduction Abstract Prize

Congratulations to Christiane for receiving this Abstract Prize at the Annual Meeting of Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction, Munich.

Well done!

February 2016

Publication in project 9

Review about activins published in Human Reproduction Update

We are glad about the new IRTG publication "Activins in reproductive biology and beyond" of Rukmali Wijayarathna and David de Kretser.

PubMed PMID: 26884470

February 2016



Joint Publication of projects P2, P4, P7, P9 and P10

Review published in Human Reproduction Update

We are glad about the new IRTG publication "Infectious, inflammatory and 'autoimmune' male factor infertility: how do rodent models inform clinical practice?"

Pubmed PMID: 29648649

April 2018

Welcome to Christine!

New PhD student starts under supervision of Monika Fijak

Kleinert, ChristineThe IRTG cordially welcomes Christine Kleinert, new associated PhD student in project 7. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration!

February 2016

Welcome to Sophie!

Monash PhD student on a research visit in project 6

Lee, SophieA warm welcome to Sophie Lee of the group of Gail Risbridger and Stuart Ellem. Sophie will stay for 3 months at Ralf Middendorff's lab. Have a good time!

January 2016

Welcome to Rukmali!

Second Monash PhD student in Giessen

Wijayarathna, RukmaliWe cordially welcome Rukmali Wijayarathna of Mark Hedger's group at JLU. Rukmali will be hosted by Andreas Meinhardt to carry out research on her project.

We wish her a lot of success and an interesting stay in Germany.

December 2015

Welcome to Dina!

Medical student in project 8

Stute, DinaIn October, Dina Stute has taken a 'one semester timeout' from studying to do research work for her thesis in the lab of Thomas Linn. We wish her a successful stay in IRTG!

December 2015


Milestone Meeting Melbourne 2015

Second plenary face to face meeting at Monash University - Nov 25-28

Milestone Meeting MelbourneFor many of us, it was an exciting venture flying halfway around the world to meet our partners at their home, in Australia.

We had a productive conference filled with project presentations, discussions and workshops as well as some highlights in between:

The keynote lecture of our invited speaker Jon Oatley from Washington State University for example or the exclusive YouTube message for our students sent by Prof. Joseph Penninger, scientific director of IMBA (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna, Austria).

On Nov 28, our Monash partner had invited clinicians to a Men's Health Symposium, a supplementary platform for scientific exchange on reproduction.

All in all, we spent some very intensive days together. Thanks again!

November 2015

New dean Wolfgang Weidner

First full-time dean at JLU's Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang WeidnerIRTG member Wolfgang Weidner, was elected new Dean of the Medical Faculty. Retired from his position as chief medical officer of the urology department, he accepted the office of the dean for three years (from October 2015). We wish him a successful tenure!

October 2015

Publication of project 1

Paper accepted in PLOS Genetics

We are very proud of the IRTG project 1 team who succeeded with their paper "HENMT1 and piRNA stability are required for adult male germ cell transposon repression and to define the spermatogenic program in the mouse". Great job!

PubMed PMID: 26496356

October 2015

Publication in project 9

Review about Epididymitis published in Asian Journal of Andrology

We are very pleased about the new IRTG publication "Epididymitis: Revelations at the convergence of clinical and basic sciences" of Vera Michel, Mark Hedger and Andreas Meinhardt from P9 in collaboration with Adrian Pilatz from P4.

PubMed PMID: 26112484
October 2015

Gail Risbridger coming to Giessen

 Oct 06 - 09, 2015

Risbridger, GailWe are pleased to welcome Monash investigator Gail Risbridger at JLU in the first week of October. She will be here to intensify project work with the groups of Florian Wagenlehner/ Undraga Schagdarsurengin and Ralf Middendorff and contribute to the HZRM Colloquium giving the talk" The epigenetics of the prostate carcinoma.

October 2015

Best Talk Award for Britta Klein

at the 8th Annual GGL Conference 2015

Congratulations to Britta ( IRTG project 2) who won the award for her outstanding talk "To What Extent Can Human Testicular Cancer Cells Actively Shape Their Immunological Microenvironment?"

The talks are evaluated via online voting by the complete audience. Well done, Britta!

October 2015

Welcome to Dana!

New PhD student in project 2

Püschl, DanaWe cordially welcome Dana, the new associated doctoral student in the group of Martin Bergmann/ Hans-Christian Schuppe. We are looking for a fruitful cooperation.

October 2015

Stuart Ellem invited speaker at JLU - replaced by Sebastian Galuska

at the 8th GGL Annual Conference to be held Sep 30 – Oct 01, 2015

Much to our regrets, Stuart Ellem couldn't attend the GGL conference. In his stead Sebastian Galuska gave the keynote talk for section 6 "The role of glycocalyx in the reproductive system"

October 2015


Ellem, StuartMonash investigator Stuart Ellem will contribute to the 8th Annual Conference of the Giessen Graduate Center for the Life Sciences (GGL). Keynote speaker for section 6 ‘Reproduction in Man and Animals’ he will give the talk “Estrogen and Mast Cells are Key Components of the Prostate Cancer Microenvironment”.
We are happy that he will stay a couple of days more to intensify project work with Ralf Middendorff's and Florian Wagenlehner's/ Undraga Schagdarsurengin's group.

September 2015