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News and Press

Adjunct Professorship for Andreas Meinhardt

 JLU spokesperson becomes honorary lecturer at Monash!

Andreas Meinhardt's lecture at MonashAndreas Meinhardt has been offered a new adjunct appointment as a professor with the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at Monash University. He is very glad to accept this honour.

It's already the second Adjunct Appointment at Monash. His appointment with MIMR-PHI in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has just been extended until December 2017.


October 2014

Kate Loveland awarded JLU Liebig Professorship

Awards ceremony during  JLU delegation's visit at Monash University, Sep 25, 2014

Kate Loveland awarded JLU Liebig professorship


Gießener Anzeiger, Oct 04,2014


With the award that reminds of the most famous researcher and eponym of the university, Justus Liebig, JLU wants to honour renowned scientists for their outstanding achievements and to intensify international scientific relationship.

It's a great pleasure for us that IRG member Kate Loveland has been elected.

September 2014

Kate Loveland awarded extension of JLU Liebig Professorship

Kate Loveland honoured at the dinner reception hosted by the JLU International Office

Kate Loveland awarded JLU Liebig professorship

Press Release JLU (in German)

In the presence of the Australian Ambassador  H.E. Lynette Wood and Monash University Vice-Provost Prof. Zlatko Skrbis,  JLU president Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee conveyed the new certificate to Prof. Kate Loveland.

With the award that reminds of the most famous researcher and eponym of the university, Justus Liebig, JLU wants to honour renowned scientists for their outstanding achievements and to intensify international scientific relationship.

This honour is reapproval of Kate's outstanding contribution to the Monash-JLU relationship. Great!

March 2017

JLU delegation travelling to Australia 2014

 JLU president Joybrato Mukherjee and Head of JLU International Office Julia Volz accompanied by Andreas Meinhardt visit Australia - Sep 21 - Oct 01

Andreas Meinhardt's lecture at MonashPress

Gießener Anzeiger, Oct 04, 2014


Among Sidney and Canberra, the JLU delegation will also visit Monash University to enhance the relationship between both universities.

The visit includes several meetings with representatives of Monash University and DAAD as well as an awards ceremony. On this occasion, Kate Loveland will be awarded the JLU honorary Liebig Professorship and Andreas Meinhardt will be conferred the extension of his adjunct appointment as Professor at the Monash Institute of Medical Research and Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research.


Andreas Meinhardt will also take the opportunity to meet the IRTG students, join the Monash journal club and give a lecture.

September 2014

DGA Annual Conference 2014 with participation of David de Kretser and Peter Stanton

The German Society for Andrology (DGA) meets in Giessen - Sep 18 - 20

Venue: BFS Biomedizinisches Forschungszentrum Seltersberg , Schubertstr. 81, Giessen

more information

DGA Annual Conference of the German Society for Andrology, Sep 18 - 20, 2014


Gießener Anzeiger, Sep 29, 2014



The DGA conference will be chaired by our IRTG investigator Klaus Steger. On this occasion we are very pleased to welcome the IRTG investigators David de Kretser and Peter Stanton from Monash.


The organizing team has assembled a very interesting lecture and course programme for scientific interchange and interdisciplinary advanced training. programme

September 2014

David de Kretser invited speaker at the 7th Annual GGL Conference 2014

Annual Conference of the Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL)

Dater:  Sep 17-18

Venue: Physics Lecture Hall, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 14, 35392 Giessen

more information7th Annual GGL Conference 2014, Sep 17-18


At this occasion, IRTG Monash supervisor David de Kretser will come from Australia to participate as invited speaker for section 6 "Reproduction in Man and Animals" organized by IRTG supervisor Ralf Middendorff.

Our doctoral students will also represent IRTG by submitting an abstract or a poster for the conference.

The programme

will comprise recent results presented by all doctoral researchers from the nine research sections of GGL. The sessions will be opened by invited speakers who are experts in their field and who will set the stage for the talks by the GGL members.

Further, GGL members will have the chance to get conference coaching, intensive training for the presentation of their poster or talk as well as for chairing sessions.

September 2014


MIBIE Summer School 2014

Male Infertility - MicroBiology and Inflammation in Urogenital Infections (MIBIE)

Date:    Jul 31 - Aug 02

Venue: Biomedical Research Centre (BFS), Schubertstr. 81, D- 35392 Giessen

more informationMIBIE Summer School 2014


Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung, Aug 01, 2014



We are very happy to welcome the PhD students Brooke Pereira and Sophie Lee from Monash at the MIBIE Summer School!

July, 2014


Registration deadline: May 31, 2014

For IRTG students registration is free of charge!

July 2014

Britta Klein also heading off to Australia

2nd JLU student at Monash!

Our second doctoral student, Britta Klein of Martin Bergmann's research group in Giessen, has started her research stay at Monash. In the lab of Kate Loveland she will work on local factors for human testis cancer control. We wish Britta a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

July 2014

Anna-Lena Hempfling on her way to Melbourne

First JLU student at Monash! 

Anna-Lena in AustralienAnna-Lena is the first of our doctoral students who leaves Germany for a research stay at Monash. PhD student in the group of Martin Bergmann in Giessen, she will be hosted by Moira O'Bryan and carry out research on her project "Hypospermatogenesis in men: HEN1 expression and pathway function in human testicular biopsies".

We wish Anna-Lena a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

June, 2014

Andreas Meinhardt at the Australian Embassy in Berlin

Alumni Networking and Education Promotion Event on June 5, 2014

AAlumni Networking Event, June 05, 2014ndreas Meinhardt was invited to this event to speak about his experience as a postdoctorate in Australia in the 90s and to provide rationale to do research with Australia; especially with the setting up of the first programme grant in science between Australia and Germany, the IRTG Monash Giessen.

June, 2014

Article: Next-generation infertility research

Collaboration article by Prof. Meinhardt


Professor Andreas Meinhardt gives an insight into his research on infertility and how his group is developing talent through German-Australian collaboration

May 2014

Inaugural Meeting Prato 2014

at Monash University Prato Centre, Prato, Italy - May 08 - 10

Prato group photograph IRTG members from Monash and JLU finally came together in Prato. For many it was the first possibility to get to know each other. It turned out a very fruitful and lively conference, bringing up new ideas and intensified cooperation within each project and among the different projects. Further, the participants could benefit from several workshops, e.g. career development for the doctoral students and supervision development for supervisors.

The fascinating location (Palazzo Vaj) and the beautiful weather put the icing on the cake, so we had some really productive and enjoyable days!


May, 2014

Press Release: New Collaboration

New International Research Training Group (IRTG)

Press release: New collaborationbetween Monash University Melbourne, Australia, and Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, funded by Monash and German Research Council.

July 2012