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News and Press

Best Talk Award for Sivanjah Indumathy

Sivanjah awarded as best speaker at the 10th GGL annual conference

Sivanjah best talk 2017 Congratulations to Sivanjah winning the award for her outstanding talk "Deciphering the Immune Cell Composition in the Adult Mouse Testis"

All talks are evaluated via online voting by the complete audience. Well done, Siv!

September 2017

Oral presentation of Sivanjah Indumathy and Robert Kügler

GGL (Giessen Graduate Center for the Life Sciences) conference held Sep 27 - 28, 2017

We are proud of Sivanjah Indumathy (project 2) and Robert Kügler (project 6) who represented the IRTG by giving the doctoral talks for section 6 ‘Reproduction in Man and Animals’.

Sivanjah Indumathy:
Deciphering the Immune Cell Composition in the Adult Mouse Testis

Robert Kügler:
PDE5 Regulation in the Prostate: Relax your Way to Prostatic Health

September 2017

Poster Presentation at the Conference of American Society for Reproductive Immunology

Dana Püschl held a poster presentation at the 37th conference of the American Society For Reproductive Immunology

Dana participated at the 37th ASRI Conference, September 17-20, with a poster presentation on "Human testicular cancer: Evidence of a functional polarization of macrophage and dendritic cell subsets" At the conference she was also nominated as an imaging competition finalist.

Congratulations on that Dana!

September 2017

NYRA Board awarded two IRTG Alumni

Britta & Constanze have been honored with awards at the 10th Meeting of the NYRA

Klein & Maresch Awards NYRA meeting Brussels Sep 2017The Award for best abstract was awarded to both of them at the at the meeting of the "Network for Young Researchers in Andrology" taking place in Brussels, September 11-13.
The award is linked with a ISA Travel Grant over 500€ each.

Moreover, Conni's oral presentation of her doctoral research has been rewarded with the price best speaker!

Congratulations to Britta and Conni!

September 2017

Welcome back, Robert!

Robert back at the IRTG

After seven intensive months with his son Constantin, Robert is back from paternity leave to dedicate himself to his thesis now.

September 2017

Travel Grant for Dana Püschl

Dana Püschel received a travel grant to participate at the Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2017

Congrats to Dana for her travel grant to these annual meetings, August 27-30, in Perth where she held her oral presentation on "Neoplasia in human testis: potential role and functional polarization of M1 and M2 macrophages"

August 2017

Welcome to Lisa!

New doctoral student in group of Martin Bergmann

Bertl, LisaWe cordially welcome Lisa Bertl, new student in project 2.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.

August 2017

First JLU National Degree for Qingkui Jiang

Congratulations to Qingkui who successfully completed his PhD at JLU.

We wish him all the best for his promising future in the US.

August 2017

Constanze Maresch to stay at Justus-Liebig-University

Constanze will stay in reproduction research at the JLU

We are happy to learn that Conni will stay in Giessen, starting her postdoc in Klaus Steger's lab at BFS next door.

July 2017

Welcome back, Elham!

Doctoral student of project 4 back home in Giessen

After a seven moth research stay in Monash under supervision of Peter Stanton, Elham has returned to now complete her thesis.

A warm welcome back!

July 2017

Award for Sophie Lee

Three Minutes Oral Thesis Award at the 8th Annual Australian Society for Medical Research.

Sophie gave a compelling presentation on her thesis in just three minutes. Congratulations to her for the highly commended presentation of her thesis the award!

June 2017

Welcome Sivanjah!

Monash PhD student working in project 2 visiting Giessen

Indumathy, SivanjahWe cordially welcome Sivanjah Indumathy of Kate Loveland's Group at the JLU. She will spend her research year in Giessen under supervision of Martin Bergmann and Hans-Christian Schuppe.

We wish her a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Germany!

June 2017

Travel Grant for Britta Klein

ISA Travel Grant for meeting in Denmark

Britta has secured the ISA travel grant to attend the 11th International Congess of Andrology, held 06-209 May 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Good job!

May 2017

IRTG to continue until 2022

Second funding period of IRTG granted by the DFG

IRTG On-site ReviewWe are glad to announce that our renewal proposal has been approved by the DFG.

IRTG is to be continued with a total of 11 projects giving the opportunity to train more junior scientists in the field of reproduction.


Thanks again to all for their tremendous support!

May 2017

Andreas Meinhardt new ISA president

International Society of Andrology

At the occasion of the International Congress of Andrology, held May 07-09, 2017 in Copenhagen, Andreas Meinhardt has been elected new president for the next four years.

May 2017

Fourth Joint Degree for Constanze Maresch

 Next Joint Degree completed

Defense Maresch

Conni is the fourth student to successfully finish her doctorate with "summa cum laude". 

Well done! Great to have her in the IRTG!

April 2017

Travel Grant for Christine Kleinert

Christine obtained a travel grant by "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie"

Congratulations to Christine who received a travel grant covering the cost for attending her participation at the ICA2017 taking place Mai 06 - 09, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Good job!

April 2017

Dana off and away to Australia

9th doctoral JLU student in Melbourne

Dana who is working in project 2 under supervision of  Martin Bergmann and Hans-Christian Schuppe will be carrying out research on her project "Human testis cancer control by local factors: Interrogation of hedghog and activin signalling pathways and immune cells" in the labs of Kate Loveland and Mark Hedger.
We wish Dana a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

April 2017

Best Poster Award for Sophie Lee

Sophie Lee honoured with best poster award in London

Congratulations to Sophie who received the best poster award at the congress of the European Association of Urology, March 24-28, in London.

Title of the poster:
Myogenic tone is significantly increased in benign prostatic hyperplasia and can be attenuated by sildenafil and tamsulosin, with outcome associated to patient age and prostate volume

March 2017

Third Joint Degree for Nour Nicolas

Nour completed her PhD degree right in the run-up to the on-site review.

Defense NicolasWith an excellent oral defense, she achieved the best possible grade "summa cum laude".
Bravo! We take pride in her having been part in the IRTG.

March 2017