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News and Press

Andreas Meinhardt new ISA president

International Society of Andrology

At the occasion of the International Congress of Andrology, held May 07-09, 2017 in Copenhagen, Andreas Meinhardt has been elected new president for the next four years.

May 2017

Fourth Joint Degree for Constanze Maresch

 Next Joint Degree completed

Defense Maresch

Conni is the fourth student to successfully finish her doctorate with "summa cum laude". 

Well done! Great to have her in the IRTG!

April 2017

Travel Grant for Christine Kleinert

Christine obtained a travel grant by "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie"

Congratulations to Christine who received a travel grant covering the cost for attending her participation at the ICA2017 taking place Mai 06 - 09, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Good job!

April 2017

Dana off and away to Australia

9th doctoral JLU student in Melbourne

Dana who is working in project 2 under supervision of  Martin Bergmann and Hans-Christian Schuppe will be carrying out research on her project "Human testis cancer control by local factors: Interrogation of hedghog and activin signalling pathways and immune cells" in the labs of Kate Loveland and Mark Hedger.
We wish Dana a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

April 2017

Best Poster Award for Sophie Lee

Sophie Lee honoured with best poster award in London

Congratulations to Sophie who received the best poster award at the congress of the European Association of Urology, March 24-28, in London.

Title of the poster:
Myogenic tone is significantly increased in benign prostatic hyperplasia and can be attenuated by sildenafil and tamsulosin, with outcome associated to patient age and prostate volume

March 2017

Third Joint Degree for Nour Nicolas

Nour completed her PhD degree right in the run-up to the on-site review.

Defense NicolasWith an excellent oral defense, she achieved the best possible grade "summa cum laude".
Bravo! We take pride in her having been part in the IRTG.

March 2017

Successful IRTG On-site Review

 IRTG recommended for continuation

Many of the IRTG members did shoulder a long journey (from Australia, Paris, Northern Italy and all over Germany) and not one local missed the date. All for one goal: to back the important DFG on-site review.

Moreover, the cooperation was endorsed by Australian Ambassador Lynette Wood, who graced us with her presence, and Prof. Zlatko Skrbis, Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education) of Monash University. 


A heartfelt THANK YOU to all for your commitment! Together, we made it a success!

Fingers crossed for the final decision to be taken May 12!!!

March 2017

DFG Review of the IRTG 2017

DFG on-site review - March 22-23


The Monash partners have supported the IRTG office in Germany a great deal during review preparations during the past months. We want to thank them and are looking forward to welcoming them shortly!

March 2017

HZRM now scientific centre

New scientific centre amongst faculties 10 & 11

Deckblatt HRZM BroschüreThe Hessische Zentrum für Reproduktionsmedizin is finally established as a scientific centre of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Medicine of JLU

February 2017

Robert off duty

Doctoral student on paternity leave.

Roberts sonOur young father Robert has taken some time off his research to be at home with his little baby boy Constantin.

February 2017

Professorship for Undraga Schagdarsurengin

Supervisor in project 5 has been appointed professor

Schagdarsurengin, Undraga

Congratulations to Dr. Undraga Schagdarsurengin, who has been appointed Professor by the Institute of Genetics.

February 2017

Christine & Nils heading off to Melbourne

Doctoral students 7 & 8 sent off to Australia

As a doctoral student in the group of  Martin Bergmann Christine will be hosted by Moira O'Bryan and carry out research within project 1 on her topic ‘CBE1, ciliated bronchial epithelium 1 in spermatogenesis‘.

Nils, who is working in project 5 under supervision of Undraga Schagdarsurengin and Florian Wagenlehner will spend his research year in the lab of Gail Risbridger, supervised by Stuart Ellem and Betty Exintaris.

We wish Christine & Nils a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

January 2017

Britta starting in Project 9

Membership within IRTG extended

Klein, BrittaAfter successful completion of her degree in project 2, Britta will stay with the IRTG as a Postdoc in project 9.

We are happy to keep her with us!

January 2017

Farewell to Anna-Lena

IRTG Alumni leaving Germany behind for Australia

After successful completion of her degree in project 1 Anna-Lena leaves JLU and is heading to literally new shores. All the best for her future in Australia!

December 2016

First two IRTG Joint Degrees for Anna-Lena Hempfling and Britta Klein

First Thesis defenses within the IRTG

Abschluss ALH & BKAnna-Lena Hempfling and Britta Klein both completed their degree both with an outstanding performance at their oral defenses and  with the merit "summa cum laude"

Applause! We are very proud to have them in IRTG!

December 2016

Farewell to Rukmali

Monash student returning to Australia      

After a very productive full year stay at JLU Rukmali is on her way back home to continue her work within project 9 from there.

It was a pleasure having her with us.
We are wishing a safe trip and all the best for the future!

December 2016

Farewell to Nour

"Back to the roots"

Nicolas, NourNour has accepted a Post Doc position at the same University in Paris where she had completed her Master studies. We wish her all the best for her future career!

December 2016

GGL Graduation 2016

The first 5 IRTG Doctoral Students have graduated the GGL this year

GGL 2016Congratulations to Conni, Rukmali, Anna-Lena, Britta and Nour who have succefully completed the GGL curriculum!

November 2016

Erasmus+ grant for IRTG admin

Visit at Monash to exchange knowlege of administrative tasks

PJ in AustralienJLU Administrator, Pia Jürgens, spent 10 fruitful days in Melbourne. Key objective of her visit was to build an in-depth working knowledge of procedures for student enrollment, management during candidature and at the time of thesis submission. 

November 2016

Elham heading off to Melbourne

6th doctoral Student off to Australia

Elham just started her research stay of 7 months; she works under supervision of Thorsten Diemer and Adrian Pilatz and will be doing research work with Peter Stanton in project 4 during her stay at Monash University.

We wish her a lot of success and a pleasant stay in Australia!

November 2016