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2nd International Conference on Trauma Surgery Technology 2019 in Giessen


Welcome message from the scientific committee

We have started the preparation of the

2nd International Conference on Trauma Surgery Technology in Giessen, 11 to 13 Oct 2019.


This year’s topic will be vibration in oncological and antibacterial therapy.


More details will be posted here in the programme and will be sent to the participants.

Your scientific committee

Detailed programme


Friday, 11 Oct 2019


12.00 pm Midday lunch and lunch meeting

at Giessen Medical Faculty

for early arrivals from Toronto, Cambridge, Bremen, Freiburg


From 02.00 pm Hotel check-in at Hotel Kübel possible


From 08.00 pm Evening get-together at the Giessen Old Brewery




Day 1 - Saturday, 12 Oct 2019


08.00 am Breakfast at Hotel Kübel


From 09.00 am Registration

09.30 am Introductory session

  • Bosbach, WA: Workshop Structure
  • Heiss, C: Trends in Modern Trauma Surgery
  • Presas, A: Vibration Theory


10.30 am Coffee break


10.45 am Session 1 - Chair: Mele, E

  • Roehr, C: Numerical Design Study for the Development of a Resonance Mechanics Bioreactor for Osteosarcoma Cell Experiments
  • Bosbach, WA: Vibration energy density in bovine modelling and bioreactor design
  • Presas, A: A mechanical assembly for experiments of Saos-2 cells under vibration actuation
  • Loy, LT: The effect of BDNF-functionalised PEC-NP on the vitality and proliferation of an osteocyte-neuron-coculture


12.30 pm Lunch break & group photo


01.15 pm Session 2 - Chair: Bosbach, WA

  • Wohl, G: Electrical charge in bone – a mechanism for bone adaptation
  • Mele, E: Composite nanofibrous architectures: towards electroactive scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Prieto-Lopez, L: Slippery surfaces for anti-fouling application
  • Biehl, C: Treatment alternatives for secondary infections after pilon fractures
  • Schiebl, J: Development and first evaluation of a biomimetic rasping tool: An opportunity for facilitated hip surgery?


03.15 pm Coffee break


03.30 pm Session 3 - Chair: Wohl, G

  • Tankasala, H: Interpretation of ‘stiffness’ in biological networks
  • Senge, FJ: Persistence-based kernel methods for topological data analysis
  • Jakubov, A: NiTi Stent with PLA Coating
  • Yu, B: Opportunities for the Development of Additive Manufactured Parts in Health and Trauma Applications
  • Mieczakowski, A: New Generation Nano Sensor for Improved Wound Healing


08.00 pm Dinner party at the Giessen Boat House




Day 2 - Sunday, 13 Oct 2019


08.00 am Breakfast at Hotel Kübel


09.30 am Interactive morning session:

  • Osteosynthesis workshop (Dr Biehl)
  • Workshop on technology transfer into clinical application (Dr Mieczakowski)


01.00 pm Lunch break

From 02.00 pm Departure by shuttle to Frankfurt airport for 5 pm flight connections

or departure by train from Giessen train station

Call for student abstracts - deadline 31 Aug 2019

PDF document icon 2019-Giessen-conf-student_call-v3.pdf — PDF document, 116 KB (119667 bytes)

Template for conference abstracts

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document icon Giessen2019-abstract-v2.docx — application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 34 KB (35075 bytes)

2019 programme pdf-file

PDF document icon 2019-Giessen-DFG-conference-programme-v17.pdf — PDF document, 809 KB (828462 bytes)

Venue: Giessen University Medical Faculty