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The Academic Sports Services of Justus Liebig University Giessen (ahs) gives you the opportunity to stay active while you are abroad. We offer various sports classes, sport competitions, exercise breaks during lectures, health promotion events, and cooking workshops throughout the year. Our target groups are students and staff members, but guests from outside the university are also welcome.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide sports and health classes that are fun and challenging at the same time, connect students from all over the world and enrich your time in Giessen. Academic Sports helps you to stay fit while studying, managing the workload of university and meeting new people. No matter which sport you choose, there is something for everyone!


Sports program

Regular sport classes


Diverse range of classes - ahs offers more than 80 different sports in over 120 sports classes

Academic Sports is a great way to play the sport you like, to try the latest trending sports, to learn new techniques in many different sports or to take part in cooking classes.


What we offer:

  • health and fitness courses
  • individual sports
  • martial arts
  • outdoor sports
  • racket sports
  • ball games
  • dance classes
  • water sports
  • specific classes for employees
  • sports offers for children


You can find out more about our classes, what language they are taught in and the  level of fitness (where required) in the course description. All course descriptions are also available in English.

Everyone is welcome to join our classes. If you are unsure whether or not to join a class, attend the class during trial week or feel free to contact the course instructor.


Current sports programm: Winter Break 2020


Designed for international students


Academic Sports Services provide not only the opportunity to take part in regular sport classes, but also special classes designed for international students.


Courses in English


Our courses in English are generally open to everyone, but especially to those, who have been hesitant to join one of our regular classes because of language barriers. All classes listed below are held in English to ensure that all participants can concentrate on the class itself.



Learn to...


Our special "Learn to..." courses offer you a possibility to try sports that you always wanted to but never had the chance to learn.


Explore Giessen and its surrounding

New in the city? Would you like to explore the region in an active way?

We regularly offer cycling and hiking trips, which give you a possibility to get to know the city and surrounding area. During the tours you also have the chance to meet new people with similar interests as you.

Sports program for Employees

Our sports programme is not only designed for students but also employees of JLU. In correspondence to the special challenges that everyday work life brings, we composed our special program for Employees (Mitarbeiterangebot).


Program for Employees


Under the heading “Mitarbeiterangebot” you can find classes specifically designed for our employees, promoting health, physical activity and well-being – giving you an opportunity to balance work and relaxation. Together with our qualified trainers you will work on your posture, reduce feelings of stress and develop a conscious feeling for your body.

Benefit from our holistic sports program and treat your body and mind to a balancing experience to your everyday worklife!


Pausenexpress (break time express for employees)


This special health programme for employees offers you the opportunity to interrupt your work on one day per week for 15 minutes and use it for physical activity. A qualified exercise instructor of the team of the Pausenexpress will come directly to your office on the scheduled day and time to do a 15-minute active break. Afterwards you will return to your workplace more relaxed and with regained energy.

With the help of small gym equipment (which the instructor will bring along), like thera-bands, dumbbells or massage balls, you will be instructed to do mobilisation, strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises for your shoulder, back and neck musculature. In small groups of 3 to 7 persons you will train together with your colleague in a pleasant atmosphere during working hours.

Whether in a class after work or during the Break Time Express (Pausenexpress) in your office - the focus of our program is the improvement of posture through specific training of important muscle groups, prevention of back and neck pain, reduction of stress and the development of an awareness for one’s own body.


Sports program for Children

What is „FamilyFit“?


ahs does not only offer sports activities exclusively for adults – children and families are welcome too!

Apart from catering to the needs of students and employees, we also include children into our sports programme.

The main goal of this project called „FamilyFit“ is to provide sports opportunities for families at JLU.

Whether still in the mother’s belly, on their own feet or together as a family – there is a class for literally every stage of your child’s life!


With the help of our experienced instructors, we want to foster an early development of motoric skills and abilities within the children and lay a basic foundation of movement in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills as they progress.

Through playful exercising, the children will learn new motoric skills and be supported in their creativity and their thirst for action. Most importantly – their interactive social skills will be fostered through group exercises and new experiences.


Please note that on the part of the Justus Liebig University there is no insurance cover for children so that it is highly recommended to take out private insurance for the participation of the child in the Academic Sports Programme.


In addition to the regular sports classes Academic Sports Services provide different sporting events. These include health days for students and for staff of the university, as well as ball sports tournament, aqua- or fitness events. 

For more information about our events view the following page: Events

or contact us:

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you need detailed information in English or help to register.


Welcome Sports Event


An active start to your time in Giessen!

At the beginning of the semester, we would like to invite international first year students to join us for our Welcome Sports Event. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know other students and your new university. You will have the chance to play different sports and try various sports classes provided by Academic Sports Services.




A night you won’t forget! Many different courses are waiting for you. From STRONG by Zumba to Taerobics to Jumping Fit – there is something for everyone! This is the perfect way to get to know many different classes at once and really burn off all that extra energy (and those pounds?). Healthy snacks and refreshing drinks are served during breaks.

Join us for a night full of fun, sweat and (happy) tears!


Aqua Event


Relax and unwind. Three units in the water with massages, face masks and healthy snacks in between will make you forget everything that is going on around you. Come enjoy our spa area for a day!




Every year, we are looking for the most talented allrounders regarding ball games. All teams have to prove their abilities in three different categories: volleyball, basketball and soccer. One team will be chosen as a winner. (Lots of) Sweat, fun and, of course, fair play guaranteed.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Be active - ahs Active Week


A full week dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle - full of challenges, sports classes, health tips and more! There is something different waiting for you everyday.


JLU Vital - Health day for university staff


Invest in your health and join us for this special day where we assess your health and explore different ways of improving it. There will be different talks on topics like work life balance, resilience and how to bring work and happiness together. Partners of the university will be offering health checks and relaxation training.


Registration for our courses is only possible online and usually commences two weeks before each semester.

The first week of every semester at JLU is a trial week. You can try out classes without any obligation.


Current sports program:  Winter Break 2020


Registration procedure


Step 1: Book the ahs-Ticket


After the trial week, if you would like to join a sport class, you will have to buy the ahs-Ticket first. The ahs-ticket is our semester fee which every participant has to pay. It covers the programme during the teaching period and during the vacation belonging to the semester.


ahs-Ticket fee:

  • students (University of Giessen, THM and Philipps-Universität Marburg): € 10
  • staff members (University of Giessen): € 17
  • external parties: € 35 (separate registration and only possible if spare places are available)

After buying the ahs-Ticket you will be able to enroll in all our courses.


Step 2: Register for class


You must sign up for each ahs course separately, with the exception of sessions run during the trial week. Registering and paying the fee of the ahs-Ticket and the participation fee (if prescribed) for a certain class entitle you to attend this class for the whole duration of the program.


There are two types of courses:

  • Courses which require only the ahs-Ticket
  • Courses which require a participation fee (in addition to the ahs-Ticket)


In the course description you will find detailed information regarding the fees.

To find a helpful guideline for the course registration, click here.


You will need a bank account that enables SEPA transactions. After completing registration, please make sure to send us your SEPA mandate within the specified time.

Please take into account that the fee of the ahs-Ticket and the course fee are non-refundable unless the entire course is cancelled or there was a mistake on our part.

Sports partner message board

Want to do a certain course but don`t know who to take?

Find a sports partner on our message board! Whether it’s for a dance class or just running together regularly, just post it on here and you soon won’t have to go to class by yourself!


You can find our sports partner message board via stud.IP at „Schwarzes Brett“.

The sports partner message board is only available to members of JLU.



Find us

Campus Kugelberg/Sport is located on Kugelberg 58, 35394 Giessen.


Walking and Cycling 


University facilities (Campus Licher Straße, Philosophikum) or dormitories (Eichendorffring, Grünberger Straße) are all within walking distance. Sport facilities can be reached easily by bike as well. 


 From Philosophikum


Make your way up „Rathenaustrasse“ (Phil 1 to your left, Phil 2 on your right) and turn left onto „Alter Steinbacher Weg“. After 250 m, turn right onto „Graudenzer Strasse“ and continue until you reach the main road „Licher Strasse“. Turn left and continue for 90m, then turn right onto „Friedensstrasse“ and follow the course of the street. Make a last right turn onto Kugelberg. Within a few meters, you will reach Academic Sports Services on the righthand side.


From Licher Strasse


Exit Campus towards „Licher Strasse“. Turn right and then immediately left onto „Kugelberg“. Follow the course of the street until you reach Academic Sports Services on the righthand side.




Take bus lines 1 or 2 and exit at „Volkshalle“ (Line 1) or at „Friedensstraße“ (Line 2).


Line 1 - Direction Rödgen


Exit at „Volkshalle“. After 20m, turn right onto „Kugelberg“. Follow the course of the street. After 30m, you will reach Academic Sports Services on the lefthand side.


Line 1 - Direction Lützellinden


Exit at „Volkshalle“. Cross the street (at the traffic light) and continue onto „Kugelberg“. Follow the course of the street. After 30m, you will reach Academic Sports Services on the lefthand side.


Line 2 - Direction Gießen Bahnhof


Exit at „Friedensstraße“. Take the next turn right onto „Friedensstraße“. Follow the course of the street, take the next turn left onto „Kugelberg“. Turn right, continue on „Kugelberg“ until you reach Academic Sports Services on the righthand side.


Line 2 - Direction Gi-Europaviertel


Exit at „Friedensstraße“. Cross the street and continue straight onto „Friedensstraße“. Follow the course of the street, take the next turn left onto „Kugelberg“. Turn right, continue on „Kugelberg“ until you reach Academic Sports Services on the righthand side.


Sport facilities


The university facilities include two university gyms, a multi-purpose studio, beach volleyball and tennis courts, athletic tracks, soccer fields, and an indoor swimming pool. See the Campus Map to find the facilities. The directions and journey description to the sports facilities can be found also here.

Please be aware that some venues (Bismarckstraße or Georg Büchner Saal) are not located on the Campus Sport.


1. Who can participate?

  • Students, trainees, staff of Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU), University of Applied Sciences (THM) and Philipps-Universität Marburg (UMR)
  • Non-members of the above institutions may take part as guests (if places are available). Retirees and former members of JLU, THM and UMR can participate in the ahs programme ONLY as guests.
  • Guest students can participate in the ahs programme as guests.

Members of the “Verein zur Förderung des Gießener Hochschulsports e.V.”:
Since the association “Verein zur Förderung des Gießener Hochschulsports e.V.” was disbanded in the summer semester of 2015 (see statement by the board), as of summer semester 2016 association members can sign up for the ahs sport programme ONLY as guests.

Guests can sign up online just a few days after online registration has opened for

if free places are available. Guests are not entitled to claim a right to participation.

Please see the current terms of registration and participation here: ahs-Statute

2. What does it cost to join a class at ahs?

At the beginning of the semester, you are welcome to take part in a “trial week” to try out ahs classes for free and under no obligation. If you wish to continue with any of the classes, you must first of all book the ahs-Ticket (basic charge). This is the starting point for registration for ahs classes – both for those that are free and for those subject to a charge – and entitles you to use ahs sports facilities. The ahs-Ticket also covers the vacation programme belonging to the respective semester.


ahs-Ticket for students at the above mentioned institutions

€ 10

ahs-Ticket for other members of the above mentioned institutions

€ 17

ahs-Ticket for guests if places are available

€ 35


Payment of the fee is due as soon as you book the ahs-Ticket (basic charge). The same applies for enrolling in classes subject to a charge. Charges are listed with the respective classes.

Detailed information on fees is in the ahs-Statute here.

Since 27 November 2013, ahs has been operating the new SEPA Direct Debit system (see FAQ 6 below).

NOTE: An additional charge is made for a number of classes. The charges are listed with the class descriptions.

3. How can I register?

Online only. Please book the ahs-Ticket and register for classes on the ahs website for the semester in question once ahs have activated the system for that period. Please see

Any personal data requested during online registration will be used exclusively for course administration.

If you have problems registering online, please see us during our contact hours at the ahs office or send an email to

Click here for a detailed guideline to online registration.

4. Can I buy the ahs-Ticket during the semester?

You can buy the ahs-Ticket any time during the semester using the ahs website. The ahs-Ticket covers the teaching period and the programme during the vacation belonging to the semester.

5. Do I have to sign up separately for each class I would like to take?

You must sign up for each ahs course separately, with the exception of sessions run during the “trial week” (see FAQ 12). To be entitled to enrol, you must belong to the categories listed under FAQ 1 and you must have already booked the ahs-Ticket.

6. Can I book the classes if I don’t have a German bank account?

If you are from a EU member country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco or San Marino , you can book classes with your IBAN and BIC.

If you are unsure, if your bank account enables SEPA transactions, please check with your bank or have a look at the following links:



Any payments/fees will be deducted in Euros.

7. SEPA Direct Debit system

Pursuant to the SEPA Regulation of the European Parliament, the new SEPA core direct debit system has been in place since 27 November 2013. This system does not require your separate bank account number and sorting code anymore, but your IBAN and BIC instead. Consequently, you must enter your IBAN and BIC when signing up in the ahs online booking system and you must state a valid email address.

BIC (= Business Identifier Code) represents the bank sorting code. IBAN (= International Bank Account Number) is your personal account number.

After you have registered online, the booking confirmation and the SEPA direct debit mandate, indicating the mandate reference and JLU Giessen creditor ID, will be automatically sent to the email address you have provided.

From 1st May 2017, amounts will be debited once a week (usually at the beginning of the week, i.e. on a Monday). If the Monday is a public holiday, the amounts due will be debited on the following working day.

Your binding booking and your acceptance of the ahs terms and conditions of registration and participation (FAQs) confirm acceptance of the new SEPA direct debit system.

8. Who should I send the SEPA mandate to?

You can drop off the signed SEPA mandate at the ahs office letter box or send it to: ahs-Büro, Kugelberg 58, 35394 Giessen. It is not necessary to hand the mandate in personally during our contact hours. In view of the large number of mandates, please only visit us upon explicit request during our service times to hand in your mandate.

9. What will happen if the class fee isn’t debited successfully?

If there is insufficient coverage in your account or if the account details are wrong, any costs incurred will be charged to you in full.

Any participant this may concern will be informed by email and asked to transfer immediately, within a fixed period of time, the outstanding class fee plus the costs incurred (usually plus € 4.50) if your account cannot cover the amount. If, after the period has elapsed, the amount due has not been received by Justus Liebig University, the participant will be excluded from taking part in any classes offered by ahs and barred from online registration. Justus Liebig University Giessen also reserves the right to initiate a collection procedure.

10. Can I revoke a booking (reclaim payment)?

Pursuant to §8 (4) of the ahs-Statute, the following regulation applies: "Admission is binding and not transferable. Termination and possible re-constitution of the contract of usage (cancellation, re-booking) are only possible if classes or events do not take place pursuant to Para. 1."

11. Can I cancel my participation in an ahs class?

You can cancel your participation in a class or classes any time. However, the fee of the ahs-Ticket and/or the course fee(s) cannot be refunded (see FAQ 9).

12. What will happen if a class is cancelled?

If there are not enough participants for a particular class, ahs may combine it with another or cancel it entirely. If there is no substitute class, participants will receive a full refund of the class fee. Participants are not entitled to demand that a class takes place.

If individual sessions are cancelled, e.g. if the course instructor is ill, ahs will attempt to find a substitute instructor or else arrange for a make-up session.

ahs is not obliged to offer a make-up session in the case of a cancelled session

  • if the day of the class is a public holiday,
  • if the class instructor cannot attend and ahs is unable to find a qualified substitute at short notice or to offer alternative classes or to find a date for a make-up session,
  • if classes are disrupted (by construction work, renovation, repairs etc.),
  • if the sports facility concerned has been booked for competitions, in-house training or other events,
  • owing to adverse weather conditions,
  • owing to an Act of God.

If you cancel attendance of a workshop and/or excursions you have booked or if you wish your place to be taken by a substitute, you must inform the ahs in writing. If your cancellation is received 14 days or later before the class is due to begin, ahs will retain the full fee. (The date of receipt stamped on your letter by the ahs office applies.)

13. Can I join in without signing up or attend a trial session?

The first week of every semester at JLU is a „trial week“ for ahs classes. Nearly every class (except those especially indicated in the programme) is free of charge during this period and you can try out classes without any obligation.

After the “trial week”, you must be registered with ahs, have buy the ahs-Ticket and, depending on what you have selected, have paid the fee for the class you have enrolled in. You cannot attend otherwise.

14. What will happen if I cannot attend one of the sessions of the class I have booked?

Non-attendance is a personal decision and does not entitle you to any refund from ahs. If you are absent several times in a row (at least three times) without excusing yourself, ahs reserves the right to allocate your place to someone else. In such a case, you will no longer be entitled to attend the class in question.

15. Can I swap with someone or transfer my place in a class to someone else?

It is not permissible to swap with someone or transfer a place to any other person. Your booking is valid only for yourself and is therefore not transferable.

It is also not possible to give your place to someone you have selected. People on the waiting list will be treated equally in their chance to book the place once it becomes vacant.

16. Insurance for university sport / accidents

Accidents must be reported immediately to the ahs office.

Safeguarding a claim resulting from possible aftereffects: in the case of minor injuries, strained muscles etc., the course instructor must enter the details of the accident in the first-aid book (in the first-aid box). A claim can only be supported if aftereffects can be proved to have been caused in connection with attendance of an ahs session.

In case the costs have to be borne by the “Landesunfallkasse” (Hessian State Accident Insurance), the accident must be registered on the forms for students or staff as appropriate. The forms are available in the ahs office or can be downloaded here.

Justus Liebig University members of staff are insured for any official class/event organised by ahs provided such class/event fulfils the conditions of company sport (e.g. to compensate for work-related strain, regular sessions, supervision by an official course instructor, exclusivity).

In the case of “Beamte” (civil servants), an accident at an ahs event is not classed as an accident at work. In this case you cannot put in a claim for accident compensation.

The body responsible for ahs and ahs staff are not liable for damages (e.g. in the case of theft or damage to private property).

Participants are recommended to take out liability insurance for coverage in case of damage to property belonging to a third party or personal injury to a third party resulting in a liability claim.

See the information sheet here.

17. Why do I have to give an email address?

We need your email address so we can inform you about free places, extra classes, changes to classes, cancellation of classes etc. Your participation ticket and the SEPA mandate also need to be sent to you in digital form.

Caution: You must give us a valid email address and please make sure there are no mistakes in it.

18. How does the waiting list work?

If a class is fully booked, you can put your email address on the waiting list. This counts as registration for the ahs information service. Should a place become vacant for the class you wanted to attend, everyone on the waiting list will be informed by email. The first person to book the place will receive it.

19. What does “EXTERNAL CLASS” mean?

External classes are run by other organisations. ahs is not responsible for such classes. For this reason, external classes are not covered by the Hessian State Accident Insurance.

20. Theft

Unfortunately, there is a risk of theft at any facility used by ahs, particularly in the changing rooms. We recommend not leaving valuables unattended and not bringing valuables to ahs classes because ahs and the university cannot be made liable.

21. Concise “ahs rules of the game”

Please be fair and observe the following rules:

  • Be on time.
  • Hygiene first: the changing rooms are the only place for putting on and taking off your sports shoes. You are not allowed to participate in any ahs classes in outdoor footwear i.e. shoes worn on the street.
  • Treat ahs equipment in such a way that groups after you can use it, too.
  • Respect the regulations given to you by class instructors and caretakers.
  • As a general rule, you are not allowed to photograph or video class instructors and/or participants in ahs classes.

If you do wish to take photographs or video, you must consult the ahs management in advance stating a plausible reason and also receive the permission of anyone who is likely to be photographed or filmed.

22. Lost property

Lost property can be handed over to the caretakers at Kugelberg. If you have lost anything, please also contact the caretakers. The caretakers’ office is in the corridor next to the swimming pool.

If you wish to enquire after lost property, please contact ONLY the Campus Sport caretaker team:


Tel.: 0160-5834642 or 0641-9925280

The ahs Team cannot help in the case of lost property. Please do not send any enquiries to the ahs office, but contact the Campus Sport caretaker team.

23. Can I get a subsidy from my medical insurance company?

Our classes do not correspond to the duration and number of sessions prescribed by medical insurance companies. You can therefore not apply for a subsidy. There may be exceptions in the case of classes with an appropriate note to this effect.

24. ahs-Sportpartnerbörse (ahs sports partner message board)

You now have the chance to look for a sports partner on the ahs sports partner message board. Whether you need a partner for a salsa class or someone to run laps with, just put up a message and share your sport with someone soon!

You can find the ahs sports partner message board on the stud.IP „schwarzes Brett“ (notice board). This means that the sports partner message board is available only to members of JLU.



Terms of registration and participation

View the latest terms of registration and participation of Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (Academic Sports Services) at Justus Liebig University Giessen.



View the information sheet on Accident and Liability Insurance Coverage for Participation at Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (Academic Sports Service).



Our team is located on Kugelberg 58, 35394 Gießen


We are available during our opening hours:

mondays & fridays: 9.00-11.00 a.m.

tuesdays: 2.00-4.00 p.m.

wednesdays: 12.30 p.m.-2.30 p.m.


or write an email to:


We are committed to answering your questions as soon as possible.