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In the GGL, doctoral projects are embedded in topic-oriented research. Admission is international, and teaching is carried out in the English language. In association with the GGL the medical faculties offer a PhD – MD/PhD programme.


GGL Career Day 2012 - Your Path Into Industry

The topic of the third GGL Career Day is “Your Path into Industry”. It will take place on Feb. 15, 2012, in the Main Building of the JLU. What do industrial employers offer and expect? How can I find a job and what kinds of careers are out there? To answer these questions and many more around this topic, we are offering a comprehensive program of presentations with representatives from well-known companies, information booths, and workshops.

Date: Feb 15, 2012 – starting at 9:00AM

Location: JLU Main Building


An exciting and enjoyable presentation program awaits you covering the topics choosing your career path, job applications, and careers in industry. Top employers will introduce themselves and communicate individual entry options and career prospects in their respective companies. Presenters will discuss qualifications and careers paths for doctoral students in the life sciences with more information available at several information stands. You will be able to directly meet PR representatives from the participating organizations. You will be able to introduce yourself personally, gain insight into the companies, and inquire about your individual career prospects. Take this opportunity to directly receive extensive information!

In addition to this offer, we are organizing a free workshop with a career advisor about perspectives for veterinarians in the animal health industry.

Career Day 2012 - Your Path Into Industry


The following speakers will be part of the programme:


09.00 - 09.15    Prof. Eveline Baumgart-Vogt    Opening remarks


09.15 - 10.15    Kepos GmbH - Fr. Barbara Hoffbauer: "How can doctoral students meet enormous challenges of different industries?"


10.15 - 10.55    BASF - Dr. Prashant Deshmukh & Dr. Jurith Montag: "BASF, The Chemical Company"


10.55 - 11.15    Coffee break         


11.15 - 11.55    Kienbaum Consultants International - Dr. Felix von Hardenberg: "Career entry for highly qualified university graduates: How to prepare a successful career entry for yourself and for your employer"


11.55 - 12.35    KWS SAAT AG - Dr. Christina Rode: "Career at KWS SAAT AG"


12.35 - 13.45    Lunch break          


13.45 - 14.25    Miltenyi Biotec - Prof. Uwe Heinlein: "It's all about cells"


14.25 - 14.45    Coffee break          


14.45 - 15.25    Life Science Research (LSR) Supplier Association Germany - Dr. Peter Quick: "The Life Science Research Market and Objectives of the Association"


15.25 - 16.05    Promega - Dr. Jörg Hefele: "Job profiles for biologists"


16.05 - 16.20    Prof. Eveline Baumgart-Vogt & Dr. Lorna Lück    Wrap-up





12.00 - 12.30   Fr. Susanne Rauscher - SciMento-hessenweit

If you are planning a scientific career, SciMento-hessenweit supports you with its mentoring programme for female scientists. SciMento offers group mentoring for female PhD students and PostDocs from the natural, life and engineering sciences. An experienced professor advises a small group of junior scientists on career-related topics and serves as a mentor for a duration of two years. SciMento’s aim is to support scientific careers of women and to increase the number of professors in the above-mentioned fields. Within 30 minutes, this workshop will give you the chance to learn more about the SciMento programme.

13.45 - 15.45   Dr. Felix von Hardenberg - Kienbaum Consultants International


This workshop is a special offer for young veterinarians interested in an industrial career. You will learn about job possibilities for veterinarians in the animal health industry, its segments, differences regarding corporate culture and size of enterprise and discuss about CVs. Participants can bring their own CV and get it checked.