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Behavioral Research in Finance, Governance, and Accounting






2nd Conference on

Behavioral Research in Finance, Governance, and Accounting (2020)


After last year’s successful conference, the Graduate Center of the University of Giessen organized the 2nd Conference on Behavioral Research in Finance, Governance, and Accounting which took place on October 22-23. Due to the current circumstances caused by the Corona Pandemic, this year’s conference took place digitally. With over 70 registrations, the conference was once again a complete success.
As in the previous year, we received many promising manuscripts. A thorough review process therefore ended in 12 accepted papers, which were divided into four sessions of 3 papers each.





The first day of the conference started with a warm welcome by Professor Christina Bannier, head of the organizing committee. This was followed by three sessions on Corporate Governance, Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance and Institutions. 


The second day started with an exciting keynote speech by Steffen Andersen, Professor of Finance at the Copenhagen Business School, on Beliefs and Investment Biases. The last session of the conference was on Behavioral Finance and Investor Behavior. 



All sessions were characterized by interesting presentations and fruitful discussions. Kim Heyden, co-head of the research section, presented two Best Paper Awards, generously sponsored by Sparkasse Giessen. The awards were given to Florian Wicknig (Cologne University) for his paper ‘Experience-Based Heterogeneity in Expectations and Monetary Policy’, and to Alexander Kronies (Copenhagen Business School) for his paper ‘Skills and Sentiment in Sustainable Finance’. The conference ended with some concluding remarks by Professor Arnt Wöhrmann, co-head of the research section.



Conference Committee




Organization Team


The conference was generously supported by:



1st Conference on

Behavioral Research in Finance, Governance, and Accounting (2019)


On October 7 - 8 2019, the research section Behavioral and Social Finance & Accounting at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) organized the 1st Conference on Behavioral Research in Finance, Governance, and Accounting (BFGA 2019). The event took place at historic Schloss Rauischholzhausen, JLU's own little castle and probably by far the most attractive of all the university’s estates. With more than 50 participants, this first edition of BFGA was a complete success.


Following the call for papers, numerous manuscripts of high scholarly quality were submitted. A refereeing process led to a selection of 12 papers, which were presented over two days. Moreover, as the research section is part of the GGS, the Giessen Graduate Centre for Business and Economic Science, a special feature of the conference was that all papers were being discussed by JLU PhD students. 





After a warm welcome by Prof Dr Christina E Bannier, Director of the GGS and Vice Dean at JLU's Business and Economics Faculty, day one comprised two sessions on Behavioral Finance and Corporate Governance. They were followed by the highlight of the first day, the keynote speech by Prof Dr Stefan Trautmann, Professor of Behavioral Finance at Heidelberg University and Associate Professor of Economics at Tilburg University. The last part on the first day's agenda was the conference dinner, which took place in the grand fireplace room.




Day two was all about Accounting and Economics. After two productive and interesting sessions, Prof Dr Peter Tillmann, Head of the Research Section, led to the final item on the agenda: The Best Paper Awards Ceremony. Generously sponsored by Volksbank Mittelhessen, Prof Tillmann awarded a Best Paper Award to two junior researchers, Ms Nora Lamersdorf (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Mr Fabian Brunner (University of Mannheim), for their outstanding work. Finally, he gave some concluding remarks about the conference and bade farewell to all conference participants.






Conference Committee




Organization Team


The conference was generously supported by: