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About the IFK

Hinweis Covid19

Please note that since March 16, 2020, no face-to-face classes can be held at the university for pandemic reasons. Nevertheless, our German courses will be maintained with only a few postponements. Until further notice, classes must take place online. Thank you for your understanding!


Information on Corona in German, English, Turkish, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, Dari, Arabic


Important information of the International Office for international students of JLU

Language Courses

Language Courses


Our intensive language courses take place in the mornings. At the start of the International Spring Course you will be grouped according to your level of German language proficiency. In 60 sessions of 45 minutes each we offer practical language training in German for everyday and academic purposes. You will learn just what you need to successfully participate in classes and to successfully conduct research, to prepare written assignments, to make optimal use of library resources, and for everyday conversation.


Teaching Materials:


All our teachers are highly qualified experts in teaching German as a foreign language with many years of teaching experience both in an academic context and outside the university. Depending on the level of language proficiency we use standard textbooks or materials tailor-made by our teachers for the International Spring Course:

  • general texts
  • texts on current cultural issues, business, politics or science
  • literary texts, materials on German cultural studies
  • films and music



Upon successful completion of the International Spring Course you will receive a certificate including 3 ECTS points.

Detailed course programme

Supporting Programme

Supporting Programme


Supporting programme 1


The workshops are all about fun and getting together! You will spend the afternoon dancing or doing sports, getting together with your fellow students.



Guided Tours and Trips:

Supporting programme 2



Explore Giessen and its environs with us: embark on a tour of the university campus, the city centre, affordable shopping possibilities and the best pubs in town. On the weekends we will go on exciting trips throughout Germany.



Accommodation in Student Halls of Residence:

You can rent a room in a student hall of residence via our office (see application form) for the duration of the International Spring Course. The rent amounts to approx. € 325 (including power, water and heating as well as the service charge) plus a refundable security deposit of € 250.

 Photo credit: Studentenwerk Giessen

If you are a student from a partner university you will receive the accommodation application form for a room in a student hall of residence along with your admission documents. Room rates depend on the duration of your stay (more on this...).


You will have a single room with a bed, table, chair, closet, cupboards, and sink. Showers, toilets, and kitchen are shared with other students.

Bedding, including linen, will be provided. Please remember to bring along your own towels and cutlery! Washing machines and public phones are available in all student halls of residence. For further information please visit the web pages of the "Studentenwerk Gießen"

Transport connections:

All student residences are easily reached with buses. Your ticket for Giessen town buses (valid for the duration of the International Spring Course) enables you to quickly get to and from your hall of residence. The bus ticket is included in the course fee.

Please note: Which room is allocated to you is subject to availability and is the responsibility of the Studentenwerk.


Private Accommodation:

Private accommodation cannot be organized by us. If you prefer to look for private accommodation on your own, please let us know with your application.



CateringYou can prepare your own breakfast and tea in your student hall of residence. Remember that not all hostels provide cooking utensils.

Lunch is available at our student restaurants from Monday to Saturday between 11.30 am and 2.00 pm. Prices range from 1.50 € to 5 €. There is a broad choice of dishes usually consisting of a main course, salad and a soup or dessert.

The cafeterias are open from 8.30 am onwards. They offer drinks and snacks such as rolls, cakes and sweets.

In the evenings, the student restaurant "Snack Point" offers a variety of inexpensive dishes and snacks. There are also plenty of first-rate cafés and restaurants in Giessen, offering local, German, international, and ethnic cuisine.

    Photo credit: Studentenwerk Giessen