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Graduation scholarship for international students of JLU

International Day

Graduation scholarship

The graduation scholarships are financed by DAAD and the state of Hesse.
A 3- to 6-month grant will be provided: 300 € per month (from November 2020).

In exceptional cases, the duration of the scholarship will be extended and/or the scholarship rate will be increased:
- Funding period of max. 6 months (from November 2020 to April 2021)
- up to max. 600 € per month
The commission will decide on the amount and the exact time period of support!

Who can apply?

The scholarship will be granted to international students who

  • are enrolled in bachelor's and master's programmes or state examination programmes
  • aspire to a degree at JLU (no exchange students, no Free Movers, no German course participants, no participants of the Academic Qualifying Course (Studienkolleg) and no doctoral students)
  • are in the final phase of their studies (last 12 months before graduation),
  • are in Germany at the time of application and during the scholarship period,
  • have not received another scholarship for the same purpose. Furthermore, a simultaneous funding by the International Office, the "Förderverein für unschuldig in Not geratene Studierende e.V. - Solifonds", the "Katholische Hochschulgemeinde" and the "Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde" is not possible.

How can I apply?

Current application period: 19.08.20 to 15.09.20 (midnight)

Please submit your complete application digitally as two PDF files only during the application period mentioned above and in due time. Please send your application to :

  • FIRST PDF-FILE: application form filled out on your PC (please save it after filling it out and send it in the same format!)
  • SECOND PDF-FILE: printed and signed application form , which you filled out on your PC (scan/photo) together with the other documents as a single PDF-file (name_first_name_country_study.pdf). Please pay attention to the given order of the required documents:

  • a detailed curriculum vitae
  • a report on your social situation (justification of your application, stating what you have to do in order to graduate and when you intend to complete your studies). The report (approx. 1 DIN A4 page) can be written in German or English
  • Enrolment certificate for the current semester
  • Proof of past (last 6 months: March - August 2020) and future financing (next 6 months: September - February 2021)
  • Proof of previous academic achievements, Flex-Now printout, assignation of practical year or similar
  • Expert opinion of two JLU professors or postdoctoral researchers (please use this form!)

Selection procedure and criteria

Headed by a representative of the Presidential Board, a Presidential Commission will decide on the awarding of the scholarships.

Which criteria are taken into account in the selection process?


  • Academic achievements
  • Social situation / indigence
  • Expertise of the professors / postdoctoral researchers
  • Reasons for the application set out in the report
  • Previous length of studies and time required until successful completion
  • If applicable, social / intercultural commitment
  • Compliance with formal requirements


Information for selected students

Applicants will receive feedback from the Selection Committee, probably by the end of October 2020. If you have been selected for a scholarship, you will receive the grant confirmation and further important information by email.

Next steps:
You will receive a scholarship agreement, which you must sign and return to us. Please note the deadline indicated in your confirmation e-mail.