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You can apply for a PROMOS scholarship from 11 April. The application deadline for stays from the second half of 2022 is Thursday, 26 May 2022.


1. funding for stays in the Russian Federation and Belarus is currently suspended.

2. all exchanges and scholarship programmes of the JLU are advertised subject to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Please monitor the current situation in your destination country yourself via the website of the Federal Foreign Office and act according to the recommendations for action of JLU, the German Foreign Office and the Robert Koch Institute!

The PROMOS Programme

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) finances the PROMOS programme. The programme grants scholarships that support study-related stays abroad for countries that are not part of the Erasmus+ programme. The monthly funding rates currently amount to 350 €, 450 € or 550 €, depending on the country. Click here to find out the current funding rate for your target country.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are open to all enrolled students who are pursuing a degree at JLU and are planning a stay abroad.

Enrolled doctoral students can only apply for winter and summer schools.


Please note that due to the current situation, applications can only be considered subject to further developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does the PROMOS-Scholarship support?

The PROMOS programme funds study-related stays abroad of up to 6 months in the following funding lines:


1. Study visits for countries outside the EU programme (min. 1 month to max. 4 months)

The programme funds study visits to universities for a duration of up to four months. Applications from free movers will also be taken into consideration. Applicants require confirmation of the host university at the time of application.


2. Internship abroad outside EU countries (min. 6 weeks to max. 6 months)

The programme funds internships abroad, e.g. at schools, universities, hospitals, research institutions, animal welfare institutions, etc.

Applicants require confirmation of the host institution at the time of application.


3. Thesis worldwide (min. 1 to max. 6 months)

The programme funds overseas stays that have the purpose of completing the bachelor's or master's thesis at universities, research institutions or companies around the world, including countries that are part of the Erasmus programme. Applicants require confirmation of the host institution at the time of application. The supervisor of the thesis must explicitly support the stay abroad.


4. Winter and summer schools / specialized courses worldwide

The programme funds the participation in specialized courses, including countries that are part of the Erasmus programme. At the time of the application, applicants require confirmation about their participation in the according winter or summer school. Doctoral students of all disciplines can also apply for this funding line.

Here you will find a list of all current winter and summer schools at partner universities of JLU.


Quarantine costs:if you have to go into quarantine at the start of your stay abroad, the PROMOS scholarship can help fund this period or reimburse any costs incurred. For this purpose, you will need to submit documents that confirm the exact quarantine period, such as official orders or entry regulation to the country.

Virtual start: funding for stays that had to start remotely due to the pandemic is possible.
Please  to discuss possible funding options on an individual basis.

How can I apply?

Current application period: April 11, 2022 till May 26, 2022 (12:00 am)


Please submit your complete application digitally, as a single PDF file (last name, first name_type of stay_current study programme.pdf) only during the above application period and within the deadline. Please pay attention to the specified order of the documents to be submitted. Please send your application to:


Application documents (to be submitted as a single PDF file in the order as listed below):



  • Enrollment Certificate of JLU
  • Online application
  • motivation letter (in German or English, approx. 1 DIN A4 page)
  • tabular curriculum vitae without photo
  • Flex-Now printout (if applicable, other proof of previous academic achievements) and copy of the Bachelor's certificate (for Master's students)
  • Language certificate (you are welcome to use the offer of the ZfbK for DAAD language tests). Due to the current situation, language certificates can be submitted until June 21,2022!
  • Tabular overview of the expected costs during the stay abroad (cost breakdown for accommodation, meals, local transport, etc.). Also, please indicate whether you receive other scholarships or Auslands BAföG, or, if doing an internship/work placement, whether it will be remunerated.


For study-related visits, please also submit the following:

  • Confirmation of the semester abroad at the host university. For stays at partner universities of JLU, confirmation of the nomination by the exchange representative or programme officer is sufficient.


For internships please also submit the following:

  • Internship confirmation letter from the host institution stating the specific duration of the internship
  • For mandatory internships: Confirmation of recognition of the internship by the faculty


For final theses, please also submit the following:

  • Informal letter from your supervisor at JLU confirming your thesis
  • Letter of invitation from the host institution stating a specific time period
  • Detailed work plan of the tasks during the time abroad with a focus on the preparation of the final thesis


For winter and summer schools, please also submit the following:

  • Master's certificate (only for doctoral students)
  • Certificate of study or acceptance confirmation from the doctoral committee (copy or scan is sufficient)
  • Acceptance confirmation from the host institution with details of the type, duration, content, working language, fees and conditions for participation of the selected course (please attach the course agenda including the enrolment fees)
  • Proof of the amount of credit points that can be earned in the specialised course (please discuss recognition with your department)


Important: If, at the time of application, there is no acceptance confirmation from the host institution, for example because the procedure has not yet been opened or completed, please contact us via email before handing in your application.

Selection process and criteria

How are the scholarship holders selected?

A selection committee consisting of one representative each from the Presidential Board, departments, academic centres, students and International Office decides on the awarding of the scholarships in a quality-controlled selection process.


Which criteria are considered in the selection process?

  • Conclusive and appropiate presentation of motivation
  • Feasibility and plausibility of stay abroad
  • Academic achievements
  • Language skills
  • Personal suitability / commitment
  • Intercultural and linguistic preparation of stay (intercultural training, etc.)
  • Compliance with formal requirements
  • Use of sustainable options in terms of transportation (arrival and departure or on-site transportation), accommodation, etc.

Information for professors, lecturers and instructors: Application for study trips

What does the PROMOS scholarship support?



Study trips by groups of JLU students and/or doctoral candidates for up to a maximum of the 12th day of the trip. In addition, a university lecturer can be supported as an accompanying person.

The grant amounts to a daily allowance of € 30, (EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey) or € 45, (outside the EU) per person.


A selection committee consisting of one representative of each of the Presidential Board, departments, academic centres, students and International Office decides on the allocation of the funds in a quality-controlled selection process. The selection committee will decide on the amount of funding for study trips depending on the quality and number of applications.


The PROMOS programme supports, among other things, the expansion and further development of existing cooperations. For this reason, study trips to partner universities and the involvement of partner institutions are given special consideration in the allocation of funding.


Who can submit an application for funding?


University professors and scientific staff of JLU are eligible to apply for funding. Applications by retired university teachers can only be funded in exceptional cases and for a maximum of two years after retirement.


The following criteria will be considered:


  • Imparting subject-related knowledge
  • Integration into the curriculum (technical preparation and follow-up of the excursion)
  • Academic achievements and performance of the students on site
  • Recognition of activities within the curriculum
  • Intercultural preparation and follow-up of the study trip
  • Opportunity to meet students and scientists on site
  • Intensification or consolidation of existing cooperations or initiation of new cooperations
  • Use of sustainable options in terms of transportation (arrival and departure or on-site transportation), accommodation, etc.
  • Acquisition of further funds for the implementation of the study tour (e.g.: QSL funds)


Application documents:


  • Form
  • Detailed description of the study trip, including timetable and presentation of the content-related and cultural preparation and follow-up of the study trip (1-3 pages)
  • List of participants
  • List of accompanying persons
  • Financing plan with an overview of planned expenses and additionally acquired financial resources (department, QSL etc.)


Please submit the complete application digitally, as a single PDF file only during the above-mentioned application period and by the deadline. Please send your application to:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

Meike Röhl and Anne Landsiedel

International Office

Tel. +49 641-99 12136/66

Goethestrasse 58

35390 Giessen

Information for selected students: Programme schedule

Generally, applicants receive feedback from the selection committee in early March or early August. If you have been selected for a PROMOS scholarship, you will receive the grant confirmation and other important information by e-mail.


Next steps:


Before your stay abroad:


The first document you need to submit is the Acceptance Form. Please note the deadline in your acceptance e-mail.

By filling out the acceptance form, you undertake to submit all the documents required for the payment of the grant to JLU's International Office in due form and time. Furthermore, you commit to pass courses that amount to at least 15 ECTS (only in case of study visits; the conversion of earned credits will be taken into account). In addition, you undertake to repay the scholarship completely or in part if you prematurely terminate your stay abroad or fail to comply with regulations.


During your stay abroad:


Within the first week of your stay abroad, you must have the Certificate of Arrival (CoA) signed by your contact person at the host institution (International Office, internship coordinator, etc.) Please send the signed document to us by .

If you are doing an exchange semester, please also submit the Learning Agreement with your Certificate of Arrival at the latest.

Please note that your scholarship can only be paid if you have submitted the Certificate of Arrival.


Note: If there is no possibility to get a confirmation of your stay on site, please .


At the end of your stay, please have a contact person sign the Certificate of Departure (CoD) and submit it by no later than one week after your return.


After your stay abroad:


At the latest four weeks after the end of your stay abroad you must submit a final report. The final report should be a maximum of three A4 pages long.

In the detailed report, please provide information on:
- preparation (planning, organization and application at the host institution).
- Accommodation
- studies at the host university, experiences from internship or research stay
- daily life and free time
- conclusion (best and worst experience)

All grant holders within the category studies abroad must submit their Transcript of Records at the end of their stay.

We will issue your grant certificate as soon as all documents are available. In doing so your participation in the PROMOS programme will be successfully completed.


We wish you a successful stay abroad!


Frequently asked questions

General information


How high is a PROMOS grant?

A PROMOS scholarship usually consists of a monthly allowance depending on the country of your stay abroad. The lump sums are the same for all types of mobility.  Depending on the number of applicants each year, the best applications might receive a travel allowance.


How long can my stay be funded?

Semester abroad: 1 to max. 4 months

Internship: 6 weeks to max. 6 months

Final thesis: 1 to max. 6 months

Specialised courses (summer/winter school): 1 to max. 6 weeks


Does the PROMOS grant also cover tuition fees?

No, the PROMOS programme does not cover tuition fees.

If you go to a partner university of JLU you will not have to pay tuition fees.


I will be abroad at the time of the application; can I still apply for PROMOS?

Yes, if you are studying abroad during the application period, you can still apply and send your documents by e-mail to . Documents sent by e-mail are only accepted as a PDF file.


Is it possible to apply if the stay abroad to be funded has already been completed?

No. At the time of the application deadline, the stay abroad has to be still in process.


What do the selection criteria mean in terms of sustainability?

This means planning and implementing the stay abroad in a way that is as climate-friendly as possible. On the one hand, this includes sustainable mobility for arrival and departure by train and bus or, for example, if a flight is necessary, to consider the carbon footprint of the various airlines. On the other hand, sustainable measures can be taken on site with regard to means of transport (bicycle, public transport, etc.) as well as consumption (purchase of regional and local food as well as used furniture and everyday objects). Likewise, climate protection projects can be supported on site. Please let us know in what way you plan to consider sustainability aspects throughout your stay abroad.


What language certificates are accepted for a PROMOS application?

DAAD language certificates, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, UNicert, Cambridge, DELE, DELF, PTE. GCE A-levels (Abitur) and other proofs of language skills obtained during school are not accepted.


How old may the language certificate be?

Not older than 4 years.


What level must I achieve in the language certificate?

You do not need to achieve a certain level, but the results will be taken into account when evaluating your application.




How do I confirm my stay abroad?


The confirmation can be either an e-mail or a letter from the Host University or JLU confirming that you have already been selected for a semester abroad.





Is it possible to apply for a PROMOS internship in another EU country?

No. Only internships (including PJ) in countries that are not part of the Erasmus+ programme and with a duration of 6 weeks to 6 months can be funded.


Is it necessary to be enrolled at the host university during the internship?

No, this is not a requirement for PROMOS funding.


Do I have to be enrolled at the host university to write my thesis?

No, this is not a requirement for PROMOS funding.


Can internships at EU institutions or German institutions (German schools, Goethe Institute, embassies) outside of Europe be funded by PROMOS?

No. However, other DAAD scholarship programmes can fund internships at international organizations (EU, UN), German diplomatic missions abroad and German schools abroad. Here you can find more information on DAAD funding programmes.


Can conference participations be funded with PROMOS?

No. Another DAAD programme that funds conference participations. Please contact DAAD for more information.