Grade conversion

Grade conversion with the Bavarian formula:

This grade conversion guide provides assistance in converting grades earned abroad. Please note that this is an initial guide and not binding information. When converting grades, the provisions of the subject examination and study regulations always apply.
The so-called "modified Bavarian formula" is used for conversion. Further information can be found in the resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States in the Federal Republic of Germany

How can I convert notes that are not available as numbers? If your grades are not available as numbers, then you can assign a number to each grading level for conversion. An example: A grading system rates performance as A+, A, B, C, D and E (Fail). Here, A+ is the best grade and D is the worst grade with which a performance is still passed. In this case, you can assign ascending numerical values from 1 to the grading system for conversion:

A+ corresponds to 1
A corresponds to 2
B corresponds to 3
C corresponds to 4
D equals 5
E corresponds to 6

Then enter 1 (corresponding to A+) as the best grade at your university and 5 (corresponding to D) as the lowest passing grade in the grade conversion. If you then enter as your current overall grade the value that corresponds to your performance in the original number system, you will receive your grade in the German grading system.