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Anglophone Studies

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Introduction in winter semester 2020/21




In the Bachelor's degree programme Anglophone Studies you will acquire academic skills and knowledge of the English language and its teaching, literature and the cultures of English-speaking countries at the internationally recognised teaching and research institute of English Studies in Giessen. By choosing your own focus from the areas of linguistics or literary studies or media and cultural studies, you can shape your studies individually.

In addition, the Bachelor's programme provides you with the basics and research results of the corresponding subject sciences as well as comprehensive methodological skills and key qualifications. You will get to know important subject-specific and subject-didactic contents, models and theories and acquire the qualification to acquire further ones as well as to critically assess and evaluate them.

Standard period of study

6 semesters - 180 credit points (CP)

Composition of the study programme

Composition of the study programme

Composition of the study programme

The programme consists of:

  • the main subject Anglophone Studies (120 CP in total)
  • a minor subject (40 CP)
  • an internship to prepare for professional activities (10 CP)
  • Obtaining the UNIcert® certificate III


Anglophone Studies major (120 CP)

Contains the following main subjects (40 CP each):

  • Literary, Cultural and Media Studies
  • Linguistics
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Minor subject (40 CP)

one of the following subjects can be chosen as a minor subject:

  • Anglophone Studies with focus on Literary, Cultural and Media Studies (if not main subject)
  • Anglophone Studies with focus on Linguistics (if not main subject)
  • Anglophone Studies with focus on TEFL (if not main subject)
  • German studies
  • French studies / French
  • Hispanic studies / Spanish
  • Portuguese studies / Portuguese
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Pedagogy

Additionally an internship module and the attainment of the UNIcert® Certificate III are integrated into the course of studies . The students can choose a further practical language module (English for Specific Purposes) as well as the module "Gender, Sexuality, and Diversity". The programme qualifies students, for example, for tasks in the media, in cultural institutions and non-school educational institutions as well as for the Master's programme Anglophone Studies.



Commencement of studies

only in the winter semester

Admission requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification (= Abitur or comparable qualification), Fachhochschule entrance qualification, master craftsman's examination, higher education entrance qualification for professionally qualified persons. More...
  • Proof of internship (pre-study internship) is not required.
  • Please note that applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification are also required to provide proof of German language skills. More...

Language requirements

For the main subjects Hispanic Studies/Spanish and French Studies/French, a proof of language proficiency must be submitted before the start of the programme, at the latest when enrolling. Please read the relevant information on the required language skills carefully and, if necessary, contact the Central Student Advisory Service .


Application / Enrolment

The intake capacity of this degree programme is not limited.
The application for the winter semester 2020/21 must be received by the Registrar's Office of the University of Giessen by September 30, 2020. Application portal

Please note that deadline extensions can be decided for degree programmes with no intake limitation. These are published in the application portal.

Different rules may apply to international applicants. More...

Please note:
This year, other application and enrolment deadlines may apply.
Please refer to this page for information on the deadlines.


More information

More Information - 1

Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

More Information - 3

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Events for prospective students
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Study counseling

Study guidance


English Studies

Contact persons at the Institute for English Studies
Philosophikum I, Haus B, Otto-Behaghel-Strasse 10, 35394 Giessen

German studies

Contact persons  at the Institute for German Studies
Philosophikum I, Haus B, Otto-Behaghel-Strasse 10, 35394 Giessen

Romance Studies

Contact persons at the Institute for Romance Studies
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 G, 35394 Giessen


Contact persons at the Institute for Sociology
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 E, 35394 Giessen

Political Science

Contact persons at the Institute for Political Science
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 E, 35394 Giessen


Contact persons at the Institute for Educational Science
Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21 G, 35394 Giessen

Central Study Advisory Service
Central Study Service 2

Directions and reception of study service