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Business Administration (MSc)

Taught in German




The degree programme Business Administration is a consecutive study programme and builds upon the bachelor's degree course Business and Economics Administration.

The degree course can be completed as a four semester variant. Students reach a high level of specialisation in the different subject areas due to the different major and minor subjects students can choose from.

Duration of studies 4 Semester 120 Credit Points (CP)

Duration of Studies

4 Semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)


since winter semester 2013/14

Composition of the Study Programme

Composition of the Study Programme

Duration of Studies

  • 4 Semesters - 120 Credit Points (CP)
  • Maximum study period: 8 semesters

Composition of the Study Programme

120 cp variant (4 semester)

1st Semester Major
(60 cp)
including 1 seminar
(6 cp)
(30 cp)
(30 cp)
2nd Semester
3rd Semester
4th Semester

Modules of a specialisation subject (major) amounting to 60 cp.

Possible majors are:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting

Information on the core specialisation modules

Modules of a minor amounting to 30 cp.

The minor can include modules from business administration, economics or, amounting to up to 12 cp, non-economics master’s modules at JLU, with economics modules from international universities or cross-sectional modules from faculty 02. These 12 cp can be graded or ungraded.

Thesis module amounting to 30 cp

Requirements for registration for the Thesis module:

  • completed modules amounting to 60 cp
  • completed seminar

By choosing the modules in the focus area or the major, you have the possibility to set a focus for the Master's programme.


Information concerning the modules and the programme pathway

A detailed description concerning the modules can be found here:

Courses offered in the course catalogue

Courses offered at JLU can be found in the electronical course catalogue


Commencement of Studies

Summer semester and winter semester
Application: Entrance requirements

Entrance Requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master’s course is a Bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration or another subject-related equivalent first academic degree (Diplom, Magister or Staatsexamen). A degree is subject-related and equivalent if the previous studies (if applicable, in combination with creditable academic achievements from a further course of study) encompass at least:

  • 42 cp in the area of business administration,
  • 18 cp in the area of economics and
  • 18 cp in the area of mathematics, statistics or business computing
  • an economic Bachelor's thesis

Recognised qualifications for admission to the Master’s degree course is a previous Bachelor’s degree comprising at least 180 cp.

Recognised qualifications for admission to the Master’s degree course is a previous Bachelor’s degree with an average mark of 2.6.

Applicants holding an international degree:

International academic degrees are recognised as equivalent in accordance with the principles of the German Central Office for Foreign Education of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany. The commission committee decides on the equivalence. In case of doubt the German Central Office for Foreign Education has to be called in.

Application and Admission


  • The intake capacity of this degree programme is locally limited. More on this...
  • The general application deadline of Justus Liebig University Gießen is July 15th for the winter semester and January 15th for the summer semester
  • Information on the application procedure (in German)
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this...

Career Options

Career options

Career options

Business Administration prepares students for assuming decision-making responsibilities in companies. These include a wide variety of areas, such as

  • product development,
  • marketing, human resources and accounting,
  • in various sectors of manufacturing,
  • trade and finance.

Business administration also opens up employment opportunities in public administration, associations of various kinds, and national and international bodies.

Faculty 02

Career Center of the Faculty Economincs and Business Studies 

Doctoral studies

Doctorate possible with a Master's degree



Information about studying at Justus Liebig University Giessen (incomings)

International pages

Please have a look at our International Pages for more information in English.

Further Information

Further Information: Documents

PDF documents for the courses of study


Examination- and study regulations


Courses offered in the course catalogue

International pages

Please have a look at our International Pages for more information in English.

Any Questions


Any Questions?

Information- and advisory services of JLU can be found under the category “contact” on this page!



Subject advisors

Subject Advisor Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Administration

Contact persons and office hours: More on this...

Dean of studies

Prof. Dr. Andreas Walter, Studiendekan

Office hours: by appointment



Central Study Advisor

Frank Uhlmann (Dipl.-Sozialw.)
Central Student Services

Directions and welcome desk