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Virtual Academic Short Term Programme

International Summer School Giessen - Innovation in Medicine and Health Care



Accommodation & Student Life

The registration fee includes four weeks of hotel accommodation in two-bed rooms with private bathrooms in the center of Giessen, Germany. Breakfast is included.

You will be hosted by City Hotel. The hotel is perfectly located with many shops and bars in walking distance. The hotel provides great breakfast and it has a wonderful staff. Reviews available here.

Single room accommodation is available upon .


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Student Life


Giessen, Germany lies in the heart of the state of Hessen. It is located just 45 minutes north of Frankfurt airport. Giessen is surrounded by the romantic Lahn valley and rolling tree-topped hills while offering a broad range of cultural programs at the same time.

In warmer weather, you will find that the citizens of Giessen are eagerly under way, by bike or on foot, exploring what the city and its environs have to offer by way of recreational possibilities. Settle down in the evening in one of the many beer gardens and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. In the immediate vicinity of the city you will find the lakes at Heuchelheim and Launsbach, which are the ideal summer venues for swimming, sunbathing, picknicking, waterskiing, and leisurely walks. Discover the typical Central Hessian landscape and the medieval castles atop the Gleiberg and the Vetzberg, just a few kilometers from Giessen. The nature reserves and recreational areas in the Vogelsberg and Wetterau districts are only a stone's throw away, and invite you to undertake hiking trips, sporting activities, and family outings. The course of the Lahn River is dotted with medieval towns, villages, and castles.
Should you feel you are missing the kicks of big city life, take a trip to Frankfurt. Hesse's commercial and cultural metropolis and its huge range of activities and venues is only 45 minutes away by train.
We trust that you will feel quite at ease in Giessen, and wish you a profitable and stimulating stay!

The City of Giessen
With 84,000 inhabitants and 40,000 students Giessen has the highest student density of all German university towns. Giessen therefore offers a wide range of cultural activities for students and its location in the Lahn River valley amidst a picturesque landscape of rolling hills makes for high-quality leisure and recreational possibilities.
GiessenStadt Gießen
Municipal Theatre Giessen
The Giessen Municipal Theatre offers a broad repertoire of opera, musical, operetta, classical and modern drama, and modern dance theater on two stages. Check the webpages of the Giessen Municipal Theater for the online season brochure and calendar as well as tickets.
Giessen TheatreStadttheater Gießen
Mathematikum - Hands-On Mathematical Museum

The world's first hands-on mathematical museum was conceived by Albrecht Beutelspacher, professor for mathematics at Justus Liebig University. It was inaugurated in 2002. More than 120 interactive exhibits attract over 150.000 visitors each year. Get involved and experience stunning phenomena yourself!

MathematikumMathematikum Gießen
Liebig Museum
The Liebig Museum in Giessen is located in what was once Justus von Liebig's famous laboratory. The father of modern experimental chemistry taught at Justus Liebig University from 1824-1852 and gave the world baking powder, fertilizers, chloroform, and meat extract (among other important things).
Liebig MuseumDas Liebig-Museum
District of Giessen
As soon as you leave the town of Giessen you are surrounded by a hinterland of stunning beauty. Look at the website of the District of Giessen for places to visit and things to do.
District of GiessenDistrict of Giessen - Home
Hessenpark Open-Air Museum
Over 100 original buildings including interior from the past 400 years were painstakingly preserved at the Hessenpark, the open-air museum depicting the cultural history of Hesse. Take a stroll through streets and villages, even a whole landscape - new in composition, yet ancient and original. Watch dyers, ropemakers, wood turners, blacksmiths, farm workers and doll makers at their traditional work. Don't forget to try the exquisite bread fresh from the oven...
Saalburg/UNESCO World Heritage Limes
2000 years ago the 550 km-long Limes formed the fortified border between the Roman Empire and the territory of the Germanic tribes. Today it is safeguarded as a UNESCO world heritage and lies just outside the city gates of Giessen. Take a journey back to Roman (or - depending on the side of your approach - barbaric) times in the world's only reconstructed Roman fort and archaeological park Saalburg.


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Dr. Mahlich


Dr. Jörg Mahlich, Head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Johnson & Johnson, Germany

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Dr. Mahlich back to the Summer University in 2020. Dr. Mahlich provides a pharmaceutical industry perspective on opportunities and challenges in health care.

Jörg Mahlich is head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research at Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson and Johnson in Germany. In addition, he is lecturer of Health Economics at the Economics Department of the University of Vienna and research affiliate at the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) of the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. Previously, he held different positions in industry and consulting in Austria, Germany, and Japan. He is interested in global pharmaceutical economics and policy. Jörg graduated in economics from the University of Kiel, Germany and holds a doctoral degree in economics from the University of Vienna, Austria.




Nils Dudenhöfer

Nils Dudenhöfer, MSc, MA, Strategic Development, Fresenius Medical Care

JLU alumnus Nils Dudenhoefer returns to the International Summer University in 2020 and provides first hand insights into MedTech innovation and regulation. Nils presents a fascinating vision of the future of transplantation, including ex vivo organ perfusion and ideas for an unlimited supply of organs.

Nils Dudenhoefer is a health economist in the Lung and Heart Team at Fresenius Medical Care. He completed his undergraduate Economics at Justus Liebig University Giessen, followed by his post-graduate studies at both University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Justus Liebig University Giessen where he conducted cost benefit analyses of pharmaceuticals. Afterwards, he started his career as an M&A and Restructuration Consultant where he earned his first experiences in the Life Science Industry. After a successful M&A deal, Nils switched from consultancy directly to MedTech Industry where he worked on integration processes as well as in business development topics. 
Currently, he is a Strategic Development Manager at Fresenius Medical Care. In this role, he is shaping the company’s overall business strategy with a specific view on Heart and Lung.

Dr. Repp

Dr. Holger Repp, MD and Dr. Johannes Lang, Faculty of Medicine, Justus Liebig University

Dr. Repp and Dr. Lang specialize in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems for transformative medical education. They analyze new AR/VR applications, both for a better medical training and for a better adherence by patients. As part of their lecture, you will walk through bones and get a better understanding of the pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis. You will have the opportunity to wear an aging suit and you will feel like you were 70.

Dr. Holger Repp, MD, is a pharmacologist with 25+ years of lab research experience. Dr. Johannes Lang is a physicist. They are the heads of the science and technology curriculum of the medical faculty at Justus Liebig University.



More speakers will be added continuously from now on - stay tuned!


Greetings from Hala, Egypt, to the Arabic-speaking world!

Greetings from Dhiren, India to the Hindi-speaking world!




Greetings from Yivian, medicine graduate from Malaysia and Anghella, PhD student in health economics at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.




Greetings from Thailand! Chanawin and Petra, both medical students in Bangkok, share their impressions with you.



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Hessen Virtual Academic Short Term Programs 2021

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Dr. Repp

Dr. Mahlich

Nils Dudenhöfer

Nils Dudenhöfer



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