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GGS-Teaching Assistantship Programme: Quantitative Systematic Literature Review: From Theory to Practice. A Guide for Novice Researchers

Wann 29.10.2020
von 16:00 bis 18:00
Kontakttelefon 06419921370
Teilnehmer Feel free to join the lecture and workshop series of the teaching assistantship programme 2020
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This lecture is part of the GGS Teaching Assistantship Programme 2020


TAP 2020
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Looking at the final report of any research project (e.g., in the form of academic article or thesis), we see a literature review section/chapter is an essential/must-have part of such reports. In fact, as a researcher (e.g., doctoral students, postdoctoral fellow), you need to regularly conduct literature reviews to gain an overview bout the status quo of the research topic you are interested in. Normally, this is the very first phase of a research project, which helps you identify critical research gaps and generate novel ideas to develop your detailed research proposal. This course will assist you to gain a more comprehensive and deeper understanding about the benefits of a systematic literature review (SLR), learn the techniques and tools (e.g., R, Citavi), which help you master SLR method to conduct a real study later.





Further information is available in the syllabus.