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Sharpening your scientific profile

Wann 04.12.2019 um 09:00 bis
05.12.2019 um 17:00
Wo GGL Seminar room 24, Leihgesterner Weg 52
Kontakttelefon 47278
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„As scientists we focus on the results, as trainers we focus on the process.“

Dr. Schiller is a habilitated chemist and successful group leader (Priv.-Doz. at University of Jena, Dr. Schiller gathered a 20-years teaching experience at LMU Munich (D), EPF Lausanne (CH), UC Santa Cruz (USA), and FSU Jena (D, “Lehr-Zertifikat Advanced”, habilitation in 2015, Venia legendi in inorganic chemistry). In addition, he is a “Certified Facilitator” and “Certified Advanced Coach” with the concept of, one of the world’s best concepts in interactive learning. His company, Schiller & Mertens (, has trained over 7000 scientists worldwide in hundreds of seminars, coachings, consultings and lectures since 2011 (member in “Berufsverband für Training, Beratung und Coaching”, BDVT).

The DFG Heisenberg fellow Dr. Schiller was a junior professor from 2009 to 2017. He has authored more than 40 publications. He was granted more than € 1.75 Mio funding and is involved in several EU and DFG projects, e.g. ITN “LogicLab” ( and research unit FOR 1738 “Heme and heme degradation products” ( Dr. Schiller’s experience as researcher and group leader enables him to focus on the real needs of scientists. Moreover, he uses examples from everyday life in research. From his courses given so far, graduate students, postdocs, junior group leaders, lecturers, professors, and directors feedback that they can directly apply in everyday life what they learned in his workshops.


To provide researchers with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in sharpening their scientific profile.

  • How to find your scientific niche?
  • How to develop and sharpen strategically your scientific profile?
  • How to develop your scientific independence?




Effective presentation

Finding your niche

Strategic publication & funding

Scientific independence

Communication with the supervisor

Networking and mentorship

Management in science

Interdisciplinary competence

Communication in collaborations, group dynamics


A balanced and structured program of interactive lectures, challenging activities outside of the “comfort zone” and review sessions will provide a variety of first-hand learning situations (practical exercises, single and group work, presentations, theoretical input, discussions, case studies, etc.) allowing participants to identify and take away relevant lessons (e.g. with Practical Advice Cards: 52 pieces of advice “How to start your own lab”).


Before the training you are asked to answer a short pre-workshop questionnaire. The information is used to adapt the course to the needs of the participants.

Further information:

A comprehensive script (up to 180 pages) for “Managing in Science” will be provided. A deck of cards with 52 pieces of advice in “How to start your own lab” is available for 20 €.

Target group:
Postdocs from the life sciences

Maximum number of 12 participants.

Internal 50 EUR (JLU, MARA, THM members)

External 150 EUR


Deadline 18.11.2019
Please note that your registration is binding. You may cancel your registration up to three days before the beginning of the course without providing specific reasons. Thereafter, you will be required to pay the attendance fee even if you do not attend the course.

Postdoctoral Programme of the GGL