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GGL Career Day 2018

Wann 15.02.2018
von 09:00 bis 15:00
Wo Aula der JLU Gießen, Hauptgebäude, Ludwigstraße 23
Kontakttelefon 49 (0)641 - 99 47280
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Your life as a young researcher is filled with practical laboratory work, field studies, statistics or medical procedures. As much as this is a central element of the path leading up to a doctoral degree now, many of you will later switch to more administrative and organisational jobs, where you will spend less time at the bench and more on the desk. Such transitions from lab to office demand not just a change in perspective but also require you to apply your scientific knowledge and skills in a different way.

Our 9th GGL career day "From bench to desk" will especially focus on these follow up positions, that industry, academia and public services offer to fresh graduates of the Life Sciences.

As every year we invite several speakers from different sectors to share their experience, present different job profiles and answer your questions.

Since the career day is part of our Doctoral Development Programme (DDP), GGL-Members receive credits for the attendance of the event. To keep your spirits up, we will offer refreshments and little snacks in the lunch break.

If you wish to attend, please register online until 12 February:

The GGL is proud to present the following speakers for the 9th Career Day. We extend our sincere appreciations for their support.

Dr. Ursula Hofmann

Former Division Vice President Technical Operations and Innovations

Abbot Diagnostics

In 1992 Dr. Ursula Hofmann joined Abbott Diagnostics as Research Scientist and held several positions at Abbott Manufacturing including Site Director in Wiesbaden, Germany, Division Vice President International Operations  with responsibility for Manufacturing in Ireland, Germany, UK, Japan and South Africa and Division Vice President Global Technology and Innovation and Head of Engineering for Abbott Diagnostics.

Dr. Hofman retired in 2017. Prior to Abbott she was head of research and technology for Progen Biotechnik in Heidelberg and In Vitro Diagnostika in Mainz. Ursula obtained her diploma in Biology from the University of Giessen and her Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute for Thrombosis and Blood Coagulation in Bad Nauheim.

Dr. Nicole Kott,

Patent Attorney

Bayer AG

Dr. Nicola Kott studied in Marburg and Gießen,  worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Medical Virology in Gießen and was one of the very first members of the GGL from 2007 to 2010. She earned her doctoral degree in 2011 and continued her acamdemic career as a Post-Doc at the JLU.

2011 Dr. Kott moved to the private sector and started to work in national and international patent management and exploitation at the Gesellschaft für Patentverwertung Berlin. In 2013, Dr. Kott started as a patent attorney candidate at the Gulde&Partner patent law office and studied law at the same time at the University of Hagen.

Since 2015 Kott works self-employed as a European patent attorney and in 2016 began to work as a patent counsel for Bayer Intellectual GmbH in Monheim, Rhine.


Dr. Henrik Koch,

Project Manager


Mr. Henrik Koch studied biology in Hamburg and Gießen. In his work he focused on microbiology and genetics and obtained his doctoral degree 2016 at the JLU in Gießen. From his time as a doctoral researcher and later as a Post-Doc he was part of Prof. Dr. Albrecht Bindereichs working group at the institute of biochemistry.

In 2017 he took the industrial career path. Now he works for the biotech-corporation BioSpring Gesellschaft mbH as a project manager in Frankfurt (M). 


Andrew Cerniski

CV Specialist

English Inc.

Mr. Cerniski is head of English Inc., which offers professional English training for business communication with more than 15 years experience.

Christian Krippes

Research Data Consultant

Ökoservice - Innovations for biodiversity assessments

Mr. Krippes studied Biology at the University of Giessen and wrote his master thesis on the “Comparison of stochastic and knowledge-based habitat suitability models, in the Hessian counties of Gießen, Vogelsberg and Wetterau for Red-backed shrike(Lanius collurio) and Red kite(Milvus milvus). 2013 he started as a research assistant for software development, spatial data processing, habitat suitability models in the project Eco service under Prof. Dr. Volkmar Wolters.

He currently works as a data consultant at JLU in the joint project Hessen research Data Infrastructures.

Hasan Cem Atas,

Head of Academy

HGA - Gesundheitsakademie Hessen

Mr. Hasan Cem Atas studied medicine and molecular medicine in Freiburg and Erlangen. After working in Switzerland’s pharma industry for several years, he returned to German academia to conduct preclinical and clinical research and translational research.

The study course Master of Health Business Administration brought him back to the private sector in 2012 and he Mr. Atas established the division’s medical and clinical affairs at a company for drug-device combinational and medical products. Since 2015, Mr. Atas is a court appointed expert for medicine, pharmacology and medical devices and became head of the HGA – Gesundheitsakademie Hessen, which is state approved, and recognized by medical boards and ethic committees, after wrapping up his health pedagogy studies in 2016. The academy’s core competencies are Medical Doctor Educational Programs, Clinical Research, Life Science Management, Quality Management, Market Access and Scientific Sales, Paramedic education and First Aid, Nursery education, Disinfector school and patient consultancy.

Furthermore, the health academy has consultancy services for the pharma/medtech/biotech industries and provides GMP and GCP courses. During the last two years, the HGA recruited two employees from the GGL and are very happy about that.

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