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Full-Text Search

Via the HeBIS-Volltextsuche (full-text search) of the University Library you can access full-texts of electronic journals directly from Endnote and store the PDF files in your Endnote project.

Linkresolver Setup

Configuration of full-text search

  • Open the Endnote preferences for full-text search in the menu under Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text
  • Enter the address of the link solver of the University Library under OpenURL:

Full-text search

  • Select a journal article from your references.
  • Go to URL > OpenURL Link with a right click.
  • The HeBIS-Volltextsuche (full-text search) will open in Firefox respectively the Internet Explorer.
  • Depending on the article, there will be different ways available to access the electronic full-text.

Downloaded PDF files can be stored as an attachment of the respective reference. Make a right click on the reference and go to File Attachments > Attach Files.

Full-text access from outside

Please be sure to use the AnyConnect VPN Client, if you want to access full-texts of licensed electronic journals from home, for example. With a connection via WebVPN full-text searches with Endnote are not possible.