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RDM-related Surveys of the JLU

Survey: Research Data at JLU Giessen


In July 2016 we have conducted a survey on research data at JLU Giessen. It has given us advice for building up and providing technical, organizational and consulting infrastructures for research data. The results are to support the scientific practice of the researchers at Justus-Liebig-University as well as possible. Thus, researching together and processing data can more easily be achieved.

The questionnaire was created according to a series of comparable surveys, which had been conducted in the years preceding. Particularly worthy of mention are the surveys by TU Berlin (see Simnukovic et. al. 2013 (pdf in german)) and PU Marburg 2015.


Preview of the Survey (Ger)

Raw Data Gained in the Survey (csv) (Ger)

Report on the Survey (Ger)


Needs Assessment Survey on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) at JLU Giessen


In January 2022 we have conducted a Needs Assessment Survey on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) at JLU Giessen. Our main aim was to find out whether there is a need to set up a central ELN system at JLU and, if so, what requirements the researchers in the various departments would have for such a system.

You can find the results report and the related survey data including the questionnaire at the following links:

Results Report of the ELN Needs Assessment Survey

All available data associated with the Survey