Welcome to COMISEF

COMISEF is a Research and Training Network, co-ordinated by Peter Winker, University of Giessen.

The scope of quantitative research in economics and finance broadens due to the increasing availability of data sets. In order to extract relevant information from these data new statistical procedures are developed often resulting in highly complex optimization problems. Novel optimization procedures are required to tackle these problems without imposing unrealistic assumptions. COMISEF will contribute to the development of these methods, their statistical analysis and their application to problems in statistics, econometrics and finance by concentrating on heuristic optimization methods.

Training & Transfer of Knowledge

COMISEF provides several tutorials and workshops for training and the transfer of knowledge.

The Complementary Skills workshops provide members with the relevant skills essential for conducting academic research. Information on the Complementary Skills can be found here.

The Tutorials series gives researchers the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops lead by prominent figures in cutting edge quantitative fields. Details of the tutorials can be found here.

People & Institutions

COMISEF is a Research and Training Network, comprising of 12 partners.