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Citavi is available free of charge to all JLU students and staff via a campus license.


If you use a word processor other than MS Word, e.g. OpenOffice or a TeX editor, or if you use the macOS operating system, please see Citavis own Citavi Web information page.


  1. First download and install the latest version of Citavi from
  2. Create your Citavi account with your university email address at After successful registration, you still need to click the link in the confirmation email. After that you can log in to your account via Citavi or on the web. In your citavi account you will also find your license data. 
  3. Login to Citavi 6:
    In the Citavi startup window, click the login icon in the upper right corner and enter click on the blue "Login" button in the subsequent window. The QSR International login page will open. In the login window, enter your email and account password. You will then be redirected back to Citavi.

  4. To access licensed full texts from off-campus, you can use EZ-Proxy


Term of the campus license


The campus license through the University Library runs until the end of the respective calendar year and is expected to be renewed. In this case, you will automatically receive an email with the message that your new license key for Citavi for Windows has been entered in your Citavi account.


Contact information

Our Citavi support web form

Contact information