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MDPI Membership

For 2024

The membership with MDPI grants a 10% discount of the article processing charges for authors of the JLU.

If you indicate your affiliation with JLU during the submission process, your article will be billed centrally via the JLU membership. If your article has been published in an MDPI journal and appears on the monthly invoice, we will contact you and request a cost center / project number from you.

For APCs up to 2.000 € the JLU OA publication fund covers 50% of the costs. APCs above 2.000 € can be supported by JLU funds with 1.000 € (incl. VAT). As junior scientist in their PhD process or with a PhD-graduation that is not older than five year the JLU OA publication fund covers 75% and a maximum of 1.500 €.

If you still receive an invoice, you can send it to the OA team.

Discount voucher

Discount voucher can also be used in this context. It can be combined with the above-mentioned 10% discount on article processing charges, up to a total discount of 50%.