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Research Data


You reach our publication platform called JLUpub under the following link: If you want to go directly to the integrated research data repository named JLUdata, click here.


Furthermore, if you do not want to miss any information about research data management (RDM) at JLU, we cordially invite you to subscribe to the newly established mailing list

To subscribe to the list, you have two options:
1. Open the website and enter your e-mail address. This only works within the university network or via VPN.
2. Write a mail to with the subject "subscribe fdm".


Project proposals to research funders such as the German Research Foundation (= DFG), Federal Ministry of Education and Research (= BMBF) and the EU increasingly require you to provide information on how you plan to handle your research data. In order to support the scientists at Justus-Liebig University Giessen in meeting these new requirements, the university has been employing a Research Data Consultant since November 2016. The position is located at the university’s library and is working closely together with the Hochschulrechenzentrum (= University Computer Center (= HRZ)) and the Research Staff Department.


Good research data management will secure the value of your data in the long-term. Therefore, we are happy to advise you on all aspects of handling research data. We can support you in creating research data management plans, as well as in archiving and publishing your data. Furthermore, we are pleased to answer all questions regarding research data management in third party (external) funding projects.


For any questions regarding research data and research data management please feel free to contact us. Our FAQ will give you a brief introduction to research data and research data management by answering the most frequently asked questions. Further information and news on research data can be found at


Here you will also find a list of free training courses and information events on RDM that are offered either locally or as part of the Hessian research data infrastructure project "HeFDI" together with all other Hessian universities.


You can reach the Research Data Team as follows:







Room 11a